Facebook Censors The Gateway Pundit Exclusive Report by Joe Hoft — Police Found Crack Pipe on George Floyd Is Labeled “Harassment and Bullying”

Last week the Gateway Pundit confirmed and reported that George Floyd was found with a crack pipe during his arrest at the end of May  in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Facebook is now censoring The Gateway Pundit for this post.

Facebook said the post violated “harassment and bullying” policies.

So now big tech is blocking this very important detail on George Floyd’s arrest from being reported and shared.

Joe Hoft first reported last week on the video taken of George Floyd when he was arrested in May.

We provided pictures at the 2:58 mark where Floyd is placed on the sidewalk and suddenly a small white object which appears to be a baggie appears behind Floyd. We showed a number of pictures confirming this was the case.


Here is a comparison of the sidewalk before and after the event – after Floyd was on the sidewalk something that looks like a small white baggie remains on the ground:

We next reviewed Floyd’s arrest using AI software XRVision provided by Yaacov Apelbaum. Per this review of the incident we uncovered the following information.

XRVision identifies Objects of Interest (OOI’s). The first OOI-1 is a rock that was kicked by Floyd on the sidewalk near where he was placed on the sidewalk. The second OOI-2 is a piece of paint or some other material that fell off the wall when Floyd sat down. The third OOI-3 was confirmed by XRVision and it is the small white baggie noted above. It also is not flat which makes it likely it could be a baggie or something similar with some depth. The fourth OOI-4 was a key that Floyd dropped that the policeman picked up off the ground near Floyd.

The fifth, sixth and seventh objects identified came from another video (in tweet below) that show the policeman showing a crack pipe (OOI-5) upon Floyd’s arrest. OOI-6 was a lottery ticket and OOI -7 was a pack of smokes which both appear to have been purchased by Floyd right before his arrest.

Here is a photo of the crack pipe pulled from George Floyd’s pocket.

Here is a brief video of the police uncovering a crack pipe in George Floyd’s pocket:

We know that Floyd swallowed drugs during a May 2019 arrest and admitted to snorting oxycodone at that time. We also know that the Medical Examiner thought George Floyd had a ‘Fatal Level’ of fentanyl in his system at the time of his death.

This story was apparently too much for Facebook.  We found out tonight that they are censoring us for the above post.  

They provided this as well – either insinuating that George Floyd was a minor, which he is not, or that he is a private individual which he is not since after his death his name was reported around the world and used as the rationale for the destruction of US cities across the nation.

Facebook suggests that we bullied Floyd by sharing descriptions or photos that degraded him, but this man was arrested for not just in May 2019 but multiple times before and he had issues with drugs before May as well.

Facebook next provided some BS on how they make their decisions.  They claim they use the same standards around the world for everyone, but quite frankly, they treat George Floyd better than any conservative on their site.

Finally Facebook shared that they claim that due to COVID they probably won’t get back to us at all on any questions or rebuttals to their position.

We believe that Facebook didn’t want any negative information shared on George Floyd because they don’t want people to view Floyd and the arresting police in a different light.

In summary George Floyd was found with a crack pipe on his person and he died while under arrest and the medical examiner said he had a fatal level of fentanyl in his system at death.  This accurate and factual reporting was banned by Facebook.  They don’t want you to know the truth.

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