BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Black Lives Matter Activist Who Attempted to Kill Trump Supporter After Memorial for Man Murdered By Antifa HAS BEEN ARRESTED

The Black Lives Matter activist who attempted to kill Trump supporter and Proud Boy Shane Moon has been arrested and will appear in court on Tuesday.

As Gateway Pundit previously reported, witnesses had identified the driver Black Lives Matter activist “Robbie Smith,” a Portland-area barber and Black Lives Matter activist, who has posted calls for violence against the right to his social media pages.

Over the weekend, Rex Fergus, who witnessed the attack on Saturday, provided Smith’s name and social media to the Gateway Pundit, asserting that he is the one responsible and confirming that it was him.

On Monday, according to Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, as well as Clark County custody records, Charles Robert Holliday-Smith was arrested for the attack. He has been charged with first degree assault and a hit and run causing an injury.

The Vancouver Police Department has ignored dozens of calls and emails from the Gateway Pundit seeking more information about the case.

Moon, a member of the Proud Boys, was in intensive care after being hit by the truck at Charlie’s Bar in Vancouver, Washington, following a memorial service for Aaron “Jay” Danielson, his friend who was murdered by a member of Portland Antifa.

Smith had been at the bar filming and confronting members of the Proud Boys and Danielson’s friends, in an apparent attempt to dox them. After he was removed from the bar by security, he became confrontational with Proud Boys who were in the parking lot smoking and just arriving from the memorial.

Moon’s girlfriend said that she did not believe that there had been a confrontation between her boyfriend and Smith, however, before the hit and run attack.


Moon was bleeding from his brain, sustained damage to his left temporal lobe, and had a concussion.

“The news of this man’s arrest has been bitter sweet. Even though our brother Shane continues to struggle with his injuries, it’s nice to see that we are starting to witness law and order in the pacific north west,” Tarrio told the Gateway Pundit. “Although the crime that this man committed is nothing short of an act of terror, he is also a victim — a victim of a system that has told him he must commit acts of violence towards those he doesn’t agree with. He has become a dispensable pawn in a chessboard that is ran by the likes of Ted Wheeler, Kate Brown and Nancy Pelosi.”

“With him behind bars we will continue to show support and pray for Shane. He has an amazing community that has supported him and his family for the past few days,” Tarrio added. “The ProudBoys are looking forward to a speedy recovery and a night full of Shenanigans with Shane. Thank you all who have supported him in these dark times. We love you.”

Moon is currently recovering in the hospital, but is doing much better.

The national media, including Fox News, was absolutely silent about the Black Lives Matter activist’s violent attempt to kill a Trump supporter throughout the weekend, despite the report on the incident from The Gateway Pundit going massively viral.

The local Fox affiliate, Fox 12, downplayed the political nature of the attack, describing it as an altercation over someone filming in the bar. Their report states, “investigators said the victim was with a group of friends in the bar when another man began recording them with his phone. That led to a ‘verbal altercation’ inside the business, before those involved went outside.”

“Information is circulating that the suspect and victim were part of activist groups, however the Vancouver Police Department is unable to confirm that information,” the VPD said in a statement to Fox 12.

Apparently, the Vancouver Police Department did not bother to look at Smith’s social media.

A GoFundMe has been launched for Moon’s medical expenses.

A fundraiser has also been created on the Christian platform GiveSendGo, since GoFundMe has been unreliable when raising money for conservatives.


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