Blaze Reporter Elijah Schaffer Assaulted By Rochester Black Lives Matter Rioters Dressed Up As Press

Blaze reporter and political commentator Elijah Schaffer was assaulted by Black Lives Matter rioters dressed up as press in Rochester on Saturday evening.

Activists dressing up as “press” to avoid arrest has been a common tactic by both Black Lives Matter and Antifa for a long time, including during Occupy and Ferguson.

By dressing up as reporters, the activists can help to dox people who oppose the riots ideologically and spin a narrative of police “going after press” if they are arrested.

“Fake press is harassing me here. Assaulting me with their camera,” Schaffer tweeted with a video of the incident. He noted that they are putting his name and face in chat rooms “trying to get me jumped.”

The reporter added that the fake reporters were also threatening to beat up him up for doing his job.

In a subsequent tweet, Schaffer wrote that the fake press had intentionally started a rumor that he is a white supremacist in an effort to get him killed.

Recently, Portland Black Lives Matter and Antifa released a document of “approved press” who have been helping to spread their narrative and cover up crimes committed by rioters.


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