Black Lives Matter Protesters Injured Surfing Cop Car and Blocking Traffic Near Site of President Trump Sacramento Visit (Video)

Several Black Lives Matter protesters were injured while blocking traffic near the site of President Trump’s visit to Sacramento, California on Monday. Trump met with Governor Gavin Newsom and other officials about the devastating wildfires plaguing the West Coast.

Videos posted online show several incidents of protesters blocking traffic lanes and harassing drivers, including swarming a police car. One protester climbed on the hood the police car as it tried to escape the mob. The protester crawled hood, onto the windshield and up on the roof as the police car kept driving. The protester surfed off the roof down the rear window and tried unsuccessfully to land on his feet, instead spinning out and hitting the pavement hard.

Longer version has protesters chanting, “You can’t stop the revolution!”

View from rear of cop car:

Another incident going viral is of a car being blocked by protesters that swerved into them and drove off. Other angles below the viral news video shows what really happened.

An ambulance took at least two of the injured protesters away.

More from the scene:

And earlier:

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