Biden Looks Like a Deer in Headlights When Confronted About His Support for Job-Killing NAFTA, Gives Nonsensical Answer, Blames Bush Instead (VIDEO)

The internal polling must be bad because Biden left his Delaware basement bunker on Wednesday and traveled to the battleground state of Michigan.

77-year-old Joe Biden spoke gibberish and slurred his words in his Michigan speech on Wednesday.

Biden voted for NAFTA, the America job-killing trade agreement signed by Bill Clinton, yet he had the gall to show up to Michigan and push his new “Buy American” policy.

Joe Biden looked like a deer in headlights on Wednesday evening when a local Fox2 reporter confronted him about his support for NAFTA.

Biden is used to scripted, softball questions from media sycophants so he was stunned when a reporter asked him a real question.

Biden refused to take responsibility, gave a nonsensical answer then blamed George Bush.


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