New York USPIS Agents Manhandle War Hero and Triple Amputee in the Most Grotesque Abuse of a Disabled War Vet in US History

Is this the most egregious US government abuse of a disabled war veteran in history?

Two weeks ago war hero and triple amputee Brian Kolfage was arrested on bogus charges related to building a wall on the Southern Border.
The 15 New York USPIS agents who arrested him dragged him into their arrest vehicle and never provided for any of his disabilities received during the Iraq War!

As we reported on Wednesday, fifteen (15) members from the New York United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) showed up on Brian Kolfage’s doorstep to arrest him on August 20, 2020, for crimes related to building a wall on the Southern border.  It took 15 USPIS officers to arrest a triple amputee war hero.  He was taken outside and dragged into an arrest vehicle at home with his wife looking on and his two children hiding, scared for their lives in their bedroom!

Senior Airman Brian Kolfage while on his second deployment for Operation Iraqi Freedom on September 11, 2004, (16 years ago today) was at an airbase that came under a surprise rocket attack. In the chaos, a 107mm rocket shell exploded about three feet from Brian. He was thrown several feet in the air and landed against a wall of sandbags. Still conscious after the blast, he began calling for help.

One of Brian’s closest friends miraculously, despite the noise of the rockets, heard Brian’s screams and rushed outside to find his friend bloody, mangled, and clinging to life. He called for a medic and rushed to help Brian, who was struggling to breathe after one of his lungs had collapsed.

Brian’s website reports:

Despite suffering multiple amputations (Brian lost both of his legs and his right arm) and the looming possibility of death, Brian maintained incredible strength and courage throughout his recovery. The fact that no one with his level of amputation has ever been able to walk independently didn’t discourage him. With undiminished spirit, he still saw opportunities and worked with feverish determination through his physical therapy program, gaining strength and balance every day.

Incredibly, Brian walked out of Walter Reed only 11 months after being injured – astonishing his doctors. Till this day, he is still the most severely wounded Airman to survive any war.

Brian’s site continues:

In 2011, Brian married Ashley Goetz. The couple currently resides in Florida with their two children. In 2018, Brian founded We Build the Wall, a 501(c)(4) organization dedicated to building private sections of the wall along the U.S. – Mexico border. Since its launch, the organization has completed its first two construction sections and aims to build a total of 100 miles of wall along the border.

This leads us to two weeks ago and arguably the most despicable abuse of power and the most grotesque abuse about of a disabled war vet in history.


On August 20th at least five cars, all with New York state plates, showed up outside war hero Brian Kolfage’s house. Out came 15 USPIS agents, armed and ready. The agents no doubt thought through their actions on the long drive from New York to Florida. They came prepared with guns, gloves and masks so COVID wouldn’t slow them down.

The 15 USPIS didn’t consider providing a vehicle that was wheelchair accessible for their arrest of triple amputee war hero Kolfage. They drove all the way from New York and discounted the fact that Kolfage had lost three limbs in Iraq and was the most severely injured US airman to survive any war.


When the agents went into the house, they searched all over, including in the children’s rooms. They asked Kolfage about his guns, how many and their characteristics. They allowed Kolfage to only take his medications with him and then took Kolfage outside while his two children huddled in their room with fear.  What happened next violated Brian’s rights and numerous articles of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Once outside the 15 agents DRAGGED triple amputee war hero Brian Kolfage with one good arm and no legs into their arrest vehicle!

They didn’t come all the way from New York to Florida with a vehicle prepared for a disabled war veteran.  They dragged him into a seat and somehow buckled him in – a man with no legs!

One expert who worked with disabled Americans wrote us and shared:

These New York USPIS agents violated SO MANY DISABILITY AND HUMAN RIGHTS’ LAWS I can’t even begin to tell you.  Laws were broken in New York, Florida, AND federally.  Plus, they went over state lines! They botched this one so bad, I can’t even count the ways.  The fact they DID NOT have an accessible van!!!  And an inaccessible jail cell with no accessible bathroom?!! Are. you. kidding. me! Exactly, HOW did these goons get him from his driveway into their car?  Three guys? Four guys, manhandling him, throwing him in the car?!  They “FORGOT” to bring an accessible van?

How was he supposed to stay upright in the car seat? Who latched his seat belt? How was he supposed to pee at the jail? What did he sit upon once in the jail cell?  Utter clowns. Incompetent. Utter abuse and illegal and disgusting, what these New York USPIS agents did.

New York is totally corrupt and run by socialists.  This is what socialism does to families. Hatred for disabled war vets and hatred of old Nana and Grandpa in nursing homes.  Disposable human beings, to them. Not worthy of life.  Truly, as the Nazis stated of people with disabilities: “life unworthy of life.”

The USPIS agents never contacted the US Federal Marshals in Florida until Kolfage had been dragged into the car.

Kolfage was taken to Pensacola where they placed him in a non-accessible holding area while waiting to see the judge. The cell they placed him in was not ADA compliant nor was the restroom which was not safe for Brian’s wheelchair or his safety. All likely in violation of the ADA.

A Florida US Marshal was overheard telling the the New York USPIS agents at the court house:

“Nothing like the state of New York to come down here to Florida and make a political show.”

The Florida Marshals were very upset and told Kolfage:

“I don’t agree with the handling of this one bit, it’s 100% political!”

A retired Postal Inspector out of New York who was also a former US Marshal shared with us anonymously that when he arrested disabled individuals, he would schedule it and let the court know of the situation:

Acting U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Audrey Strauss came out a short time after the arrest and called all the men involved in building the Southern border wall ‘fraudsters’. These ‘fraudsters’ had claimed all donations for building the wall would be spent on the wall and they had the audacity of paying themselves for their expenses and work.

Of course no victims of the ‘fraudsters’ abuse were identified or cited in the indictment. (It’s doubtful if anyone who gave to the border wall project gave a damn about Kolfage and others covering their work and expenses.)

As reported Wednesday, Kolfage states:

I’ve taken direct hits from mortars fighting for my country overseas, now I’m taking mortars from a politically corrupted and weaponized judicial system who has made it their #1 goal to target all Trump associates. With reckless regard for the constitution they have set out on a mission to destroy people’s lives by intimidation through a weaponized mainstream media platform that regurgitates and tries defendants in the court of public opinion before facts are even known. This is not the type of freedom I raised my right hand to defend, this is totalitarianism to take political prisoners.

They are coming after us for one reason, we embarrassed them, we proved that Americans wanted border security. ‘We the people’ then built the wall and cut off major human smuggling routes. We showed Americans that we can accomplish the “impossible” with a little good old fashioned hard work. Everything we accomplished went against the tainted beliefs of these socialists from NY who are after us. They want the permanent political class to stay in power. And in order to achieve that they need globalism and open borders to keep the power on their side.

When the facts come out over the next few months they are going to have to drop this case; it’s that’s simple, this case is 100% TAINTED by political motivations. That’s why they timed it to the eve of the Republican National Convention, just as Steve Bannon was beginning to advise the Trump Campaign again.

These New York USPIS agents failed miserably in providing any accommodations for the triple amputee war hero. This is the most outrageous abuse of power ever heard of and for sure the most grotesque abuse of a war veteran in US history!

** You can donate to Brian’s fund to cover his legal expenses here –

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