WATCH: President Trump Congratulates Two Underdog Candidates For Primary Victories (VIDEO)

Republicans Laura Loomer and Anna Paulina Luna have both won their primaries in Florida districts 21 and 13 respectively.

Florida’s 13th District Candidate Anna Paulina Luna stated, “When it came time to decide was I going to stay and fight for my country or was I going to sit back and be part of the problem? I chose to stand and fight and that’s why I’m running for Congress. I believe in God. I’m pro-life, pro God pro-gun, and I’m anti-socialist. And I’m here to flip the seat.”

Luna has also shared, “Whether it’s my experience in the military and even having my husband there, but I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them. So they believed in me. The people believed in me and I’m ready to represent the people of Pinellas County.”

Luna continued, “Like I said earlier, the people are ready for change and that I’m not someone that’s representing Washington, D.C. I’m bought and controlled by the people of Pinellas County. I take grassroots donations and that’s who I am.”

Florida’s 21st District Candidate Laura Loomer reflected on running, “It also requires building a tremendously good team of people and support systems. I know this isn’t a lone wolf operation any longer. I can no longer do it alone. So it’s important that I pay tribute tonight to some of the people who encouraged me to run for office, who believe in my candidacy and who now make up my core campaign team.”

President Trump took to Twitter to congratulate the two on their victories.

Loomer stated about her platform, “In the aftermath of 9/11, I was compelled to speak out against radical Islamic terrorism, and because I had the audacity to use my voice and my growing conservative brand, I was banned from pretty much every social media platform, demonized, and my reputation was sullied. When this happened, I contacted the mainstream media and members of Congress, including my own representative, Lois Frankel. I asked Lois Frankel for help. I was extremely persistent as you can imagine. But unfortunately, I never received a call back or an acknowledgment or even a courtesy reply.”

Loomer continued “That’s when it hit me. At that point, I already was a well-known investigative journalist and I had the phone numbers of some of the most powerful people in politics and media in this country. Yet I couldn’t get any assistance. So I asked myself one day. What on earth would the everyday average American, the everyday Floridian do if the same exact thing happened to them? And that’s when I realized that if I wanted to see change, I would have to create that change.”

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