WATCH: Judge Who Presided Over Deutsche Bank Case Related To Epstein, Tells Emotional Story About Her Son (VIDEO)

A gunman killed the son of Federal Judge Esther Salas and the suspect who was dressed in a FedEx uniform during the attack; has prompted Judge Salas to call for increased security for judges and their families.

Judge Salas has presided over an ongoing lawsuit brought by Deutsche bank investors who claimed the company failed to monitor “high-risk” customers which included convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein who allegedly committed suicide while in prison.

Judge Salas expressed, “While my husband is still in the hospital recovering from his multiple surgeries, we are living every parent’s worst nightmare: Making preparations to bury our only child, Daniel. My family has experienced a pain that no one should ever have to endure. And I am here asking everyone to help me ensure that no one ever has to experience this kind of pain.”

She continued, “Two weeks ago, my life, as I knew it changed in an instant and my family will never be the same. A madman who I believe was targeting me because of my position as a federal judge came to my house. Our family had just finished a weekend celebration in honor of our son, Daniel Mark’s 20th birthday. Daniel always wanted to spend his birthdays with his dad and me, so he asked that we host a party for a few of his Catholic University of America friends.”

“Because of the pandemic, Mark and I, my husband and I, had some concerns. However, we thought we could adhere to safety guidelines and we agreed to allow his friends to come spend the weekend. The weekend was a glorious one. It was filled with love and laughter and smiles. As Daniel’s last friend departed on Sunday. We decided we’d give Daniel a pass on his usher duties.”

Judge Salas stated before the horrific moment,”When Mark and I returned from church, Daniel was upstairs sleeping. We decided to give him a little rest. But as the afternoon progressed, it was time to clean up from the weekend festivities. Daniel and I went downstairs to the basement and we were chatting, as we always do. And Daniel said, “Mom, let’s keep talking. I love talking to you, Mom.”

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