A Warning to America: The Tragedy Caused by Socialism has Devastated the Lives of Millions of Venezuelans

Hunger and misery continue to escalate in Venezuela.

Meanwhile the socialist regime buys weapons.

While senior officials of Maduro’s regime live like kings with millionaires, millions of their citizens are going through the worst humanitarian tragedy in modern history.

Venezuelans today look like zombies on the streets looking for something to eat or take home at the end of the day. They even dig through garbage for food.

Nicolas Maduro’s regime has taken away any possibility of a decent life. The pandemic is not considered a reason to stay home because it is not possible since people are literally getting by and need to find food every day.

The most tragic thing is seeing thousands of street children and elderly people, who worked their entire lives, wandering without any hope.

This is a sad outcome due to the lack of an ambulance service and gasoline.

The life of a little two-year-old boy Ángel Adrianza is making news today. The child had digestive bleeding and malnutrition. There was no ambulance in the town where he lived and his family spent a day looking for a car with gasoline to take him to Coro. Little Ángel died on the way.

Interim president Juan Guaidó explains that it is a very complex humanitarian situation in Venezuela and resources are scarce. The parliament he presides over is fighting for the possibility of a transitional government and the guarantee of change in Venezuela.

Persecution and hunger in the Latin American country, according to the High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachellet, is comparable to Sudan, Congo, or Afghanistan.

The elderly like Mrs. Nancy Paris says that they get paid 1.4 dollars per monthly pension, which is not enough for two days of food and the medicines that she must take daily.


The US authorities recently confirmed the interception of a private plane, presumably Venezuelan, at the Ft. Lauderdale International Airport loaded with weapons and money. Internal Security Investigations agents arrested two Venezuelans.

Congressman Carlos Paparoni says that one of the frequent passengers intercepted by US authorities loaded with weapons and dollars in cash, is Carlos Lizcano, a key piece of Alex Saab’s criminal structures. Maduro’s frontman Saab is awaiting his extradition to the United States.

For the socialists and Maduro, the most important thing is to perpetuate themselves in power, regardless of the sacrifice it represents on the lives and dignity of the people of Venezuela.

America be warned.


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