“Wake Up Motherf*ckers!” BLM-Antifa Militants Rove Into Portland Neighborhood in Late Night Rampage (VIDEO)

Black Lives Matter and Antifa militants roved into a Portland neighborhood Thursday evening and harassed white men sitting on their porches.

The militants marched through a residential neighborhood beating on drums, holding signs that read “reparations” and chanted “no justice, no peace!”

As soon as the roving gang spotted a white man sitting on his porch, they stopped marching to harass him.

“Hey! Right here is another example of white men feeling comfortable! I bet you never had a struggle in your life! Ever!” the militant screamed in a bullhorn.

“F*ck your flag! F*ck your flag!”


The screaming continued:

“Get angrier!” the hysterical woman screamed.


The gang then roved into another residential neighborhood beating drums and screamed: “Wake up motherf*cker wake up!” in a late night rampage.


“I can’t sleep because of ya’ll, so ya’ll can’t sleep because of me!”


It’s only a matter of time until Americans say enough is enough and retaliate.

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