Trump Nukes Biden in Preview of Speech Near Hometown Scranton; Imagine a Biden Presidency: ‘Smoldering Ruins of Minneapolis, Violent Anarchy of Portland, Bloodstained Sidewalks of Chicago’ in Every City and Town

A preview of President Trump’s speech at Old Forge, Pennsylvania, near Joe Biden’s childhood hometown of Scranton, calls out the Democrat presidential nominee for the pro-criminal, anti-police policies of the Democratic Party that have left many American cities in ruin, anarchy and bloodstained sidewalks. Former Vice President Biden is scheduled to give his acceptance speech Thursday night in Wilmington, Delaware.

File image, Portland Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists burn American flag at U.S. Courthouse, July 19.

A copy of the speech preview was posted by Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Julia Terruso:

Joe Biden has pledged to hike your taxes $4 TRILLION dollars, confiscate your guns, give free healthcare to illegal aliens, expand Deadly Sanctuary Cities, force taxpayers to subsidize late-term abortion, shut down American Energy, close down Charter Schools, Eliminate School Choice, abolish the Suburbs, and abolish cash bail — releasing 400,000 criminals onto our city streets. A speaker at Biden’s convention proudly declared: “We’re talking about abolishing the police. We’re talking about Abolishing ICE. We’re talking about Abolishing Prisons.”

If you want a vision of life under a Joe Biden presidency, imagine the smoldering ruins of Minneapolis, the violent anarchy of Portland and the bloodstained sidewalks of Chicago coming to every city and town in America.

There is only one thing standing between your family and the radical left wing mob: YOUR VOTE this November. If you want MOBS and CRIMINALS vote Democrat — if you want JOBS and COPS vote Republican!


Tonight, Joe Biden will speak at the Democrat Convention — and I am sure he will remind us he was born in Scranton. But here’s what Joe Biden WON’T tell you: he left Scranton 70 years ago and he has spent the last half century in Washington selling you out and ripping you off! Joe Biden has spent 5 decades in Washington betraying the people of Scranton. Joe Biden is no friend of Pennsylvania. He is your worst nightmare.

Crowds have been gathering along the motorcade route and at the location of the speech set for 3 p.m. EDT.

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