Socialist Venezuelan Government Sentences Two US Veterans as Spies to 20 Years in Prison

The 4th Circuit Court in Venezuela with jurisdiction in terrorism, condemned two American citizens to 20 years in prison this week. Luke Denman and Airan Berry are linked to the “Gedeon” operation.  They were not offered their right to defense.

United States veterans Denman and Berry participated in a failed attempt to allegedly topple the failed socialist regime of Nicolas Maduro.  This was an episode that is still surrounded by numerous questions.

The attorney for the two Americans Alonso Medina said he was hired by the families of the two men they were not allowed access to him and they were forced to plead guilty.

Also, the attorney general appointed by the regime Tarek Wiliam Saab posted, “They  admitted having committed crimes of conspiracy, association, illicit trafficking in war weapons of war and terrorism established in the penal code: for which they were sentenced to imprisonment of 20 years and 9 days.”

Former Governor Bill Richardson was in Venezuela to meet with the dictator Maduro.  He requested information on the conditions of the “Gedeon” detainees and others.

It is current policy in the United States to not negotiate with regime.  The United States does not recognize the dictatorship.


Former members of the group of 10 former US special forces were arrested on May 4th when they tried to enter Venezuela in a maritime incursion.

According to reports the men were hidden for eight days while crossing the border to reach Venezuela.  Other sources revealed that in Jamaica the CIA had tried to persuade them to desist from the operation, because it was not official.

The veterans attempted to make landfall to allegedly be part of a plan that would capture the tyrant Nicolas Maduro.

The two men are former US military personnel who participated in missions in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Both are sentenced in a country dominated by the failed socialist regime, where there is no rule of law, nor respect for civil liberties. Self-defense is practically a utopia and through cruel methods such as torture, prisoners in Venezuela are forced to decide between life and freedom.


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