Seattle: Antifa Terrorists Burn American Flag, Harass Police Officers, Assault a Woman and Reporter (VIDEO)

Antifa-BLM terrorists showed up to a pro-police rally in Seattle on Sunday.

Pro-police rally goers outnumbered the Antifa terrorists.

It looks like the silent majority in Seattle have had enough of their city being overrun by domestic terrorists so they showed up in droves to support the police.


The Antifa terrorists stomped on and burned an American flag.

These are Biden supporters.


A woman and a member of the press were assaulted by Antifa militants.

The police stepped and escorted the woman away from the violent militants.


Antifa-BLM militants were harassing cops.


The Seattle City Council recently proposed a resolution to abolish the entire police department and replace it with a “community-led public safety system.”

But the people of Seattle do not want the police department disbanded.

There was a huge turnout in support of the police.

Seattle Police Officer’s Guild President Kike Solan addressed the pro-police crowd.


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