Portland: Women Defending Police Precinct Attacked by Antifa Terrorists

A woman who stood between protesters and the East Precinct building of the Portland Police Department was attacked by Antifa terrorists who threw white paint on her. Another woman who was using a walker was assaulted while trying to extinguish an arson fire set by the Antifa terrorists in a trash barrel placed up against the precinct.

Portland police posted a photo of the woman.

Police posted a correction noting this woman did not use a walker, adding it another woman who tried to out the fire out.

Video of the woman with the walker defending the precinct:




Video of the woman covered in paint:


Peaceful protesters: “We got the guillotine, you better run!”

What does it say about Portland that there are only two frail women protecting the police precinct from Antifa?

Police later came out and moved to disperse the terrorists.




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