Nuclear Research Lab Sends White Males To Taxpayer Funded White Guilt Conference

Sandia National Labs

A federally funded nuclear and engineering research lab whisked away all their privileged F***ING WHITE MALES in leadership roles and sent them on a luxurious tax payer funded vacation so they could grovel in their guilt. Christopher Rufo broke the story, which centers around Sandia National Laboratories:

On his website, Rufo goes into further detail, and publishes the documents that were leaked to him:

Last year, Sandia National Laboratories—which designs America’s nuclear weapons—hosted a 3-day reeducation camp for “white males,” with the goal of exposing their “white privilege” and deconstructing “white male culture.”

I’ve obtained exclusive whistleblower documents revealing that last year, the national laboratory sent its white male executives to the La Posada luxury resort to undergo a mandatory training called “White Men’s Caucus on Eliminating Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia in Organizations.”

In the opening thought-work session, the trainers demand that the men make a list of associations about white male culture. The trainers write “white supremacists,” “KKK,” “Aryan Nation,” “MAGA hat,” “privileged,” and “mass killings.”

The trainers insist that white males must “work hard to understand” their “white privilege,” “male privilege,” and “heterosexual privilege.” They claim that white men benefit from positive stereotypes that “far outweigh the Tim McVeighs and Ted Kaczynskis of white maleness.”

Does Sandia have an “iNcLuSiOn AnD DiVeRSiTy” policy? You bet they do! From their website:

Committed to inclusion and diversity, we can ensure that Sandia attracts, retains, and develops a world-class workforce.

Inclusion and diversity are defining elements of Sandia. They foster multiple perspectives, promote acceptance of different learning and working styles, and encourage the innovation for which we are known. Inclusion is the practice with which we value those differences and commonalities and leverage our diversity for exceptional service in the national interest. Diversity, by definition, is any mixture of people, groups, or ideas not limited by gender, age, culture, sexual orientation, or physical or intellectual abilities.

Committed to inclusion and diversity, we can ensure that Sandia attracts, retains, and develops a world-class workforce. One of our core values at Sandia is to work together for great results. We share this common vision by fostering an attitude of mutual respect.  Inclusion is a conscious choice. It is Sandia’s choice.

Outreach and Networking Groups

Several networking groups at Sandia have been formed by employees with common interests. The following groups are open to all employees and share a common goal of supporting, celebrating, retaining, and attracting a diverse workforce.

So not only are they segregating these employees, but they also creepily go on to define “under represented minorities” as “African American/Black, Hispanic/Latino, and American Indian/Alaskan Native” and further divide people up by referring to “Other People of Color (i.e., Asian/Asian American and Pacific Islanders)”

You can drop Sandia National Laboratories a note on their Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter. Oddly enough, the comments on their Facebook page aren’t showing for this author.

In 2016, Honeywell won a $2.6 Billion government contract to operate the facility.

Rufo joined Karlyn Borysenko for an in-depth interview on this:


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