Kenosha Riots Night 3: Law Enforcement Takes an Aggressive Offense on BLM After Police Declare Unlawful Assembly (VIDEO)

Riots and protests erupted Tuesday evening for the third night in a row in Kenosha following an officer-involved shooting Sunday.

Black Lives Matter militants gathered outside the Kenosha County courthouse and threw fireworks and projectiles at law enforcement standing behind a fence barrier.


Laser, projectiles, Morten fireworks, shields and frontline defense tactics are being used to provoke response from National Guard:

No caption needed:

Armored vehicles moved in and the battle begun:

A standoff between law enforcement and BLM terrorists after police declared the protest an unlawful assembly:

Law enforcement took aggressive action and deployed tear gas to disperse the rioters:

BLM rioters light fires in the streets using a stolen flat bed:


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