Joe Biden Says He Will Stop Building Border Wall, Supports Health Care For Illegal Aliens (VIDEO)

Joe Biden’s livestream event on Thursday morning was a complete disaster (as usual).

Biden disparaged the black community and said all blacks think alike just one day after he asked a black reporter if he was a junkie.

While Biden’s racism and cognitive decline are huge problems, his Marxist ideas are far more dangerous.

Biden has adopted Marxist ideas such as open borders, defunding the police and healthcare for illegal aliens from radicals who control the Democrat party such as AOC and Ilhan Omar.

Biden said, “There will not be another foot of wall in my administration.”


Biden also said he supports health care for illegal aliens.

“Should undocumented immigrants also be able to get subsidized healthcare?” NPR reporter Lulu Garcia-Navarro asked Biden.

Biden replied, “If they are working in the United States of America and they are paying taxes, they should have access to healthcare — they should have access to what everybody else has access to.”