Jobs, Jobs, Jobs – US Added 1.76 Million New Jobs in July Showing the US Is In Its Greatest Recovery Ever

The Trump economy is working its way back to the greatest economy in history.  The US economy grew by nearly 1.8 million new jobs in July.

Job numbers released today for July were massive. There was an increase of nearly 2 Million jobs! And the unemployment rate dropped to 10.2%, a point lower than June’s 11%!

The Trump White House is no doubt ecstatic with the news from the BLS.

According to data released this morning by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, President Trump added 1.8 million jobs to the economy in July. The markets are at a record pace and now jobs are coming back! This is great news after the horrendous economic disaster the China coronavirus placed on the economy. Before this, the United States and President Trump were enjoying the greatest economy in US and world history with the GDP at $23 trillion – more than any economy ever!

Based on today’s numbers, the US has lost a net of 12 million jobs in 2020 due to the China coronavirus – many millions less than the 40 million job losses bellowed in the MSM:


Up through February, the US economy had increased with more than 7 million jobs in the three years prior to that time – all under President Trump.

Also according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the US unemployment rate dropped nearly a percent to 10.2%.

(If the Democrat run states opened up their economies the US would further increase its employment numbers while decreasing unemployment drastically.  Let’s hope their constituents vote these corrupt politicians out in November.)

President Trump is making the American economy great again.

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