A Grand Total of 136 People Tuned-In Tonight to Watch Joe Biden’s Campaign Unveil Its “Latino Agenda”

A grand total of 136 people tuned in Tuesday night to watch Joe Biden’s campaign unveil its “Latino agenda.”


The Trump campaign took a dig at Biden and said that’s about the same number of Hispanics who go by “Latinx.”

Biden has referred to members of the Latin community as “Latinx” – a gender neutral term that offends the majority the Latin community.

The Trump campaign has really turned up the heat on Biden in their new ads targeting the Hispanic community.

On Monday the Trump camp unveiled a devastating new ad comparing “progressive” Biden to Latin Socialists and Communist revolutionaries.

Latinos from South America and Cuba who have suffered under Socialist and Communist regimes have come to the US for a better life and they know “progressive” is code word for Socialism which = suffering and death.

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