‘FOLLOW THE LAW’: Herschel Walker’s Son Calls Jacob Blake A ‘Crazy Violent Criminal’

The son of NFL legend Herschel Walker called Jacob Blake a “crazy, violent criminal” and said he should have followed police directions.

Blake, 29, was shot by police in Kenosha, Wisc., after he failed to follow orders and tired to get into a vehicle, which contained a knife.

Christian Walker’s words came as his Heisman Trophy-winning father spoke at the Republican National Convention to endorse President Trump this week.

Christian said in a video posted to Twitter that the shooting of Blake was “another incident of a crazy violent criminal refusing to follow directions from police officers and getting consequences for it.”

Blake had an outstanding warrant for his arrest at the time of the shooting, stemming from charges including third-degree sexual assault, trespassing and disorderly conduct in connection to an alleged domestic abuse incident on July 6.

“Jacob Blake, oh yeah he was a felon sexual assaulter, he was a domestic abuser and had given cops trouble in the past. There was a warrant out for his arrest,” Christian said in the clip.


Christian, who described himself as a “free-speech radicalist,” urged police to release body cam footage to keep Black Lives Matter protesters from “pulling another George Floyd with us.”

Unfortunately, there is no police body cam footage, Kenosha officials said.

“He should’ve followed directions and we wouldn’t be in this situation,” Christian said.

Christian also called Blake a “disgusting career criminal, with a horribly violent past.”

“Black supremacists are defending him solely because of his skin color,” he added.

“If kindergartners can follow directions from teachers, then grown men can follow directions from police officers. I don’t feel bad, follow the law,” he said.


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