Far-Left Morons Show Up in Person Outside Postmaster General’s Home to Protest Against Casting Their Votes in Person in November (VIDEO)

A group of far-left morons showed up to Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s DC home on Saturday to protest against casting their votes in person at a voting booth.

Liberal logic: Protesting shoulder-to-shoulder is safe, but voting in-person where proper social distancing measures can be taken is dangerous.

Leftist agitators staged a “noise demonstration” Saturday outside of Louis DeJoy’s home, honked horns and beat on drums and pots and pans amid fake news allegations of limiting mail-in voting for the general election.


The Democrat-media complex exploded a couple weeks ago and accused President Trump of “destroying” the US Postal Service after the President’s newly appointed Postmaster General made structural changes.

New changes made by Louis DeJoy have reportedly ‘slowed down’ the mail deliveries, prompting the left to accuse President Trump of corrupting the US Postal Service in order to deter people from using mail-in ballots for the November election.

The Democrats, with help from their stenographers in the media are keeping the Covid-19 panic alive until Election Day in order to change how Americans vote — they are pushing for mail-in voting because it doesn’t require voter ID and there is no chain of custody.

The lying liberal media this week started spreading rumors that President Trump is taking sorting machines offline to sabotage the proposed mail-in voting.

President Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows set the record straight and exposed another Democrat lie on Sunday.

“There’s no sorting machines that are going offline between now and the election. That’s something that my Democrat friends are trying to stoke fear out there. That’s not happening,” Mark Meadows told CNN’s Jake Tapper.