EXCLUSIVE: Proud Boys Website Attacked, Taken Offline Two Days After Malicious Fake Website Created to Gather People’s Info

The official website belonging to the Proud Boys was hacked and taken offline, two days after a fake website was created in their name — seemingly to gather information on people who may be interested in the group.

The official website had DDOS protection, but was hit with such a large scale attack that it was knocked offline the night that a member of Patriot Prayer was shot in Portland.

Two days prior to the attack, someone purchased TheProudBoys.org and created a similar looking website with a heavy focus on obtaining personal information from people who may be interested in joining the right-wing social group. The real website is ProudBoysUSA.com, which remains offline.

On the fake website are two giant forms asking for names, phone numbers, email addresses, and a space to leave a message. It even lists a phone number that people can call or text, which would also provide this malicious group with information.

When you call the phone number that they have listed, it goes to a voicemail with a person claiming to be part of the Proud Boys urging people to leave a message or send a text.

According to Proud Boys chairman Enrique Tarrio, the DDOS attack that knocked their site offline was so large that they have had to block over 200 IP addresses and still cannot get it back online. Their domain host has not brought it back up over fears of continuous attacks.

“Before this attack happened a new domain was purchased on the 29th. It is misrepresenting our organization by saying we’re against race mixing, amongst other things. There has been a mass SMS campaign used to promote this website the same day, which coincidentally was the same day Jay, a Trump supporter mass murdered in cold blood,” Tarrio told the Gateway Pundit.

While the website appears to be an actual Proud Boys site, it lists things like “support for QAnon” and “anti-miscegenation” as some of their core-tenants, though they are not. In fact, one of the members of the proud boys who is currently imprisoned for fighting back against antifa has a black wife and mixed race children.

The Proud Boys, founded by comedian Gavin McInnes, is a diverse right-wing and pro-Trump club for men. According to many current and former members that the Gateway Pundit has spoke to, the group is essentially a social drinking club mixed with some anti-communist activism. Though the local groups obviously vary across the country, one thing is consistent across the clubs: they are diverse — probably more diverse than the Antifa lunatics they have faced off against. Members span across many ethnicity, backgrounds, and classes — though they are all united in their simple belief that the “West is the best.”

Interestingly, the attack comes shortly after the Proud Boys announced that they will be rallying in Portland on September 26. This means there will be a spike in interest in the group and potential for whoever is running the fake website to collect lots of information on members of the right.

“This is an extremely coordinated effort to spread misinformation right before the election and our return to Portland on September 26th for our End Domestic Terrorism event. We will be protesting against Mayor Ted Wheeler and Governor Kate Brown. This feels very similar to 2018, where ProudBoys were used as a tool for the Democrats in the reelection,” Tarrio said.

Tarrio noted that Antifa has been causing mayhem across the nation, and now the left needs a boogeyman — just like they did in 2018.

“The Democrats needed a boogeyman so they put our guys behind bars for votes. I get were not everyone’s cup of tea…I understand it wholeheartedly, but all we ask is that we are represented correctly. This campaign is an effort to discredit and call for violence towards our guys. We refuse to apologize for putting America first, and that is what makes us dangerous to the left. We’re hated because we’re effective and because we’re not afraid to fight back,” Tarrio added.


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