EXCLUSIVE: Mueller Lied Under Oath – Claimed He Didn’t Interview for FBI Director with Trump – Newly Released Document Proves Otherwise

Former Director of the FBI and leader of the investigation in his name, Robert Mueller, has just been caught lying under oath.

One thing that the Obama FBI and DOJ didn’t understand is that they were put in a position of trust by the American people.  Because of this, all individuals in these institutions should have been held to a higher standard in all their actions while under our employment not a lower one.  The Deep State employees in the Obama Administration, however, took advantage of their positions and committed crimes rather than uncovered crimes.  They didn’t care about their responsibilities to the American people.  They just wanted to remove President Trump from office.

The biggest crime in US history may be those actions leading up to the Mueller investigation, and the actions after it was put in place with the sole purpose of overthrowing the Trump Administration.  We now know that the Mueller gang’s head, Robert Mueller, lied under oath.  His lie was not immaterial.  He was given ample time to think it through and he lied under oath in front of Congress and the world.

President Trump reminded Mueller a few days before his only interview in front of the House in July 2019 about the purpose of his meeting with President Trump in May 2016.  Mueller met with the President in the White House to discuss his possible appointment as FBI Director.  The President tweeted:

A couple days later, Mueller was in front of the House.  The Democrats who invited in Mueller had hoped he could add support to their efforts to remove the President from office.  The problem for the Democrats is that they totally underestimated the preparation of the Republicans in the House and the many lies and omissions in Mueller’s report created at the end of his sham investigation.  The Democrats also thought Mueller was more competent that he was.

During Mueller’s testimony, astute Florida Republican Representative Greg Steube asked Mueller about the purpose of his meeting with President Trump the day before he was assigned by Rod Rosenstein as the Head of the Mueller investigation.  Steube asked:

Steube: Mr. Mueller, over here, did you indeed interview for the FBI Director job one day before you were appointed as Special Counsel?

Mueller: My understanding was I was not applying for the job, I was asked to give my input on what it would take to do the job which treated the interview you’re talking about.

Steube: So you don’t recall on May 16, 2017, that you interviewed with the President regarding the FBI Director job?

Mueller: I interviewed with the President.

Steube: For the FBI Director job?

Mueller: It was about the job and not me applying for the job.

Steube: So your statement here today is that you didn’t interview to apply for the FBI Director job?

Mueller: That’s correct.

Steube: So did you tell the Vice President that the FBI Director position would be the one job you would come back to for?

Mueller: I don’t recall that one.

Unfortunately for Mueller a document was finally released this past week related to this discussion.  Internet sleuth Undercover Huber pointed this out:

Rod Rosenstein sent the President an email noting that Mueller withdrew his name from consideration for FBI Director:

Rosenstein was in the interview as well.

Mueller is in trouble.  This shows he not only was conflicted while running the Mueller investigation, he also lied about this conflict under oath.  This is clearly not what the American people wanted from the man leading the investigation into wrongdoings of the President of the United States.

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