EXCLUSIVE: Creepy Mueller Gang Leader Andrew Weissmann Appears Connected to SDNY Hit Job on Former Trump Strategist Steve Bannon

This past week former Trump Team Strategist Steve Bannon was indicted with three others on charges related to their building a wall on the Southern border by the SDNY.   This indictment screams of Andrew Weissmann corruption and prosecutorial abuse.

As we reported previously, dirty cop Robert Mueller and his deputy in crime Andrew Weissmann indicted a number of innocent individuals and companies of crimes over the years. Mueller is a crook and so is Weissmann who was at Hillary’s inauguration party and was informed of the fake Russia dossier in its very early days in 2016.  (Of course, Weissmann never considered this a conflict of interest preventing him from joining the Mueller investigative team. )

Here is a list of the innocent lives and companies destroyed by these two crooks –

1 Audit firm Arthur Andersen and its 80,000 plus employees –

Sydney Powell recently was on with Mark Levin on his show on FOX News and she described the actions taken by former FBI Head Robert Mueller during the Enron case in the early 2000’s. Powell wrote LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice after seeing a core group of federal prosecutors break all the rules, make up crimes, hide evidence, and send innocent people to prison in the Enron case. When she saw them promoted to the top of the US legal system at the DOJ and FBI she had had enough.

Powell discusses how Mueller hand picked Weissmann wanting this corrupt attorney on his team –

Mueller and Weissmann made up a crime that resulted in the complete destruction of Arthur Andersen and the loss of more than 80,000 jobs for those employed by this corporation. This crime was eventually overturned by the US Supreme Court unanimously but it was far too late for all involved because the company was totally destroyed years before the Supreme Court decision.

2. Enron Employees –

Mueller and Weissmann not only attacked innocents using the full might of the US government, they also committed crimes. In recently uncovered documents from the Enron case, Weissmann threatened a witness –

3. Four Merrill Lynch employees –

Next, according to Powell, Mueller and Weissmann created crimes to indict four Americans at Merrill Lynch. They put these four individuals through ten years of “unmitigated hell”. Putting at least one of the four in solitary confinement.

4. General Mike Flynn and his lies that never occurred –

Move forward more than a decade and Mueller and Weissmann joined hands again but this time in the corrupt and unconstitutional Mueller Special Counsel team. Because of this, none of the crimes or corrupt actions taken against the President and those closest to him are legal or just.

This is of no concern to Mueller and Weissmann however. The first person they targeted was President Trump’s former National Security Advisor. Flynn was set up by former FBI Agent Peter Strzok and another corrupt agent in the White House. The notes they took as a result of their interview with the General were altered and the final notes (form 302’s) have not yet been uncovered. General Flynn was set up.

5. Paul Manafort’s crimes that were not crimes just years prior –

Paul Manafort was indicted on a number of crimes by corrupt Mueller and his gang. The problem with their initial indictment was that the actions under indictment were reviewed by the FBI previously and not considered crimes. The FBI interviewed Manafort in 2014 for the same crimes they indicted him on a few years later but neglected to press charges then because Obama gang members were involved.

Currently corrupt Obama appointed Judge Amy Berman Jackson has Manafort in solitary confinement for months now after putting a gag order on Manafort and then throwing him in jail. It’s a wonder what Manafort knows because Judge Jackson and the Mueller team want him dead.

6. Made up crimes against numerous Russians and Russian companies –

Four out of five of the made up indictments in the Mueller investigation are Russians. As of mid-October 2019, the total number of individuals indicted was 37 individuals and three companies. We really don’t know and doubt that the Russians are even real. The individuals were indicted for posting stories on Facebook in Russian that Mueller says swayed the 2016 election towards Trump. The number of posts in Russian were less than a percent of a percent of posts recorded on Facebook during the period stated, part of which was after the 2016 election.

In the one case with Russians that has come to trial, with Russian Company Concord Management, was indicted for a crime that the judge had to ask the Mueller team to define, because the so called crime was made up.

This case was eventually thrown out by the courts per the recommendation of the US Government.

Weissmann has a horrible record of prosecutorial abuse and the SDNY is no better.

The Southern District of New York is reportedly after President Trump.  No crimes are specified but it doesn’t matter.  Weissmann recently encouraged the SDNY to bring in Roger Stone after his sentence was commuted by President Trump.  Of course, there are no crimes, it’s all about abusing those you don’t like.  However, this does connect Weissmann with the SDNY.

There are many indications the recent indictment of Steve Bannon and others smells of Weissmann.

1. The announcement comes during the DNC and five days before the beginning of the RNC.

2. The announcement involves someone connected to President Trump in an attempt to embarrass and besmirch the President.

3. The crimes are suspect at best, and are amplified by wording and reporting.  (Powell has said Weissmann could make a birthday gift to your grandma look like a crime.)

4. There is no indication Bannon did anything wrong.

5. The MSM blasts the bogus indictment across the airwaves when announced.

6. The accusation is the accused spent 1% of donations on their expenses related to the fund raiser for building a wall on the Southern border.  The SDNY makes it sound like they embezzled like the Clinton Foundation which never will be investigated by the SDNY.

(Brian Kolfage is a war veteran who lost three limbs in Iraq and is included in the bogus charges:)

7. New York is no where near the Southern border per our latest review of Google maps.

8. The next day it is leaked that Bannon met with a Chinese billionaire – which has nothing to do with the indictment and the billionaire is anti-CCP.  Bannon speaks strongly against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  But it sounds bad so it was leaked.

These disgusting facts align with Weissmann’s prior actions of prosecutorial abuse and manipulation using the MSM. 

Former FBI and Mueller gang attorney Kevin Clinesmith and his suspected lover Sally Moyer both worked for Weissmann in the Mueller Special Counsel.  Clinesmith this past week pled guilty to doctoring evidence on Carter Page while Clinesmith worked for Weissmann as part of the Mueller gang.

Clinesmith reportedly worked before for former Deep State attorney Michael Atkinson.  As we reported previously, Atkinson changed the IC whistleblower form sometime before September 2019 so that the whistleblower form was updated to allow for second hand information, which the ‘whistleblower’ (believed to be Eric Ciaramella) provided in his complaint. Although, the form should not have been accepted based on second-hand information and because it was about the President of the United States (who is not in the IC), Atkinson accepted the complaint.

Atkinson was interviewed by the Schiff gang in Congress before the impeachment hearings but his testimony is hidden by Adam Schiff and is the only testimony not released to the public to this day.

Atkinson’s wife is connected to Fusion GPS via Mary Jacoby, the instigators of the Trump Russia collusion hoax.  Atkinson hid this when he was going through the process of being confirmed for the ICIG position:

Andrew Weissmann is also connected to Mary Jacoby (hat tip Yaacov Apelbaum):

Weissmann committed prosecutorial crimes while running the Enron investigation with Mueller in the 2000’s.  He then carried his corruption to the Mueller gang’s attempted coup of President Trump.  Now it looks like he’s working with the SDNY to continue his assault and harassment of the Trump Administration.

Andrew Weissmann should not be walking free while thousands of individuals related to his false crimes suffer. Weissmann should be investigated, indicted and he should serve time based on the law, not based on his corrupt ways of interpreting and enforcing it.

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