What on Earth?? Man in Black Face Assaulted by Black Lives Matter in DC, Police Chase Ensues

A man in black face sparked chaos in DC during the Black Lives Matter protest on Thursday evening.

As police were speaking to the man, whose face was painted brown, at least two “protesters” ran up and hit him.

Black Lives Matter is so “afraid” of police that they fearlessly assault people right in front of them.

Following the assault, police chased one of the men down and arrested him — as the mob tried to prevent them from doing so.

It is unclear who the person in black face is, or why he thought that would be a good idea.

Militant leftists from all over the nation swarmed DC on Thursday to protest President Donald Trump’s Republican National Committee speech.

They have been roving the streets and attacking supporters of the president as they attempt to make their way to their hotels.

The mayhem in DC is ongoing and The Gateway Pundit will be continuing to provide updates as the situation unfolds.


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