After Cheering BLM and Ignoring Riots for Weeks Democrats Finally Speak Out Against Far Left Violence and Blame Trump

For months now Democrat politicians and their far left media have downplayed the Antifa-Black Lives Matter rioting in Democrat-run cities across the country.

Their mainstream media continues to repeat the lie that the antifa-BLM protests are peaceful as businesses burn to the ground.

Democrats completely ignored the rioting by their colleagues for the entire DNC Convention.
Not one Democrat condemned the violence on the street. Instead the Democrat Party cheered Black Lives Matter and brutal killers.

Democrats cheered on the violent left every step of the way.

But in the last three days Democrats suddenly changed their narrative and suddenly they are speaking out against the rampant violence by young unhinged leftists.

Their poll numbers must be down.

Joe Biden suddenly condemned the antifa-BLM rioting after ignoring it during the DNC Convention just two weeks ago.

Chuck Schumer on Sunday finally condemned Democrat rioting.

Kamala Harris, who urged Democrats to donate to BLM and march with these street criminals, is suddenly condemning the street violence.

Evil Nancy Pelosi has yet to condemn the leftist violence.

But she is telling Joe Biden not to debate President Trump.

And the Democrat Governor of Wisconsin is urging President Trump NOT to visit Kenosha after leftist criminals destroyed the city.

Obviously, Democrats are starting to worry about their chances in November after they put America through hell this year.

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