Barack Obama Will Deliver His Dem Convention Speech Tonight From Philadelphia as Feeble Biden Hides in His Delaware Basement

Former president Barack Obama will deliver his Dem convention speech tonight from Philadelphia as feeble Biden hides in his Delaware basement.

Basement dweller Joe Biden cancelled his trip to Milwaukee and decided to accept the Dem nomination from Delaware.

Biden is too feeble to travel and he simply doesn’t have the stamina to maintain a grueling presidential campaign schedule.

In fact, Biden has only traveled 142 miles from his Delaware basement to Scranton one time to campaign since March.

Barack Obama will be speaking on Biden’s behalf while Biden stays put in Delaware.

Via CNN’s Jeff Zeleny: Barack Obama will deliver his convention speech tonight from the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, a Democratic official tells me, a location intended to underscore “our very democracy is at stake” in this election.

Biden is jealous of Trump and lashed out at the President last week after he announced a four-state tour.

In an extra jab to Biden, President Trump will be speaking a few miles from Biden’s hometown in Scranton, Pennsylvania on Thursday.


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