Another Portland Rioter Who Assaulted Transgender Person Before Attack on Adam Haner Identified By 4Chan

Another member of the Portland riot mob who attacked a transgender person in the moments leading up to the brutal assault on Adam Haner has seemingly been identified by users on the anonymous message board 4chan.

Tealeanna Doricia Lindseth, the person believed to have been one of the assailants, has been arrested multiple times during the riots, including for assaulting a police officer.

The Portland rioters attempted to murder a man named Adam Haner on Sunday evening for intervening in their brutal assault and robbery of the white trans person. The rioters caused him to crash his truck before beating him unconscious and robbing his vehicle.

Leading up to the vicious attempted murder, the Black Lives Matter activists were chasing a man away from their “protest” and assaulting him. The trans person holding a skateboard attempted stop the situation and get them to leave the man alone.

This lead to the trans person being targeted as well, in a horrific manner.

Users on the infamous message board first identified a man named Marquise Love as the person who dealt the final blow on Haner, kicking him in the head while he was on the ground. They also linked him to a previous assault on another seemingly random white man. Love is currently wanted by police and on the run.

Now, 4chan users have started identifying other people in the videos from that evening.

The person they identified appears to be the same woman seen punching the trans person as they beg for their belongings back from those who robbed them.

Another person involved in the beating of the trans person was identified by the Nationalist Review as Black Lives Matter Leader Xavier “Princess” Warner.

NR reports that “Xavier ‘Princess’ Warner has been featured in multiple media outlets and was given a speaking spot during at least one Portland riot. He’s a regular in the riot crowd and revels in the explosives thrown at Portland government buildings.”

Warner is seen repeatedly macing the victim and throwing a water bottle at them.

The trans woman was left sobbing on the sidewalk threatening to commit suicide following the mob attack.



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