Another GREAT WEEK for President Trump: Dinesh D’Souza and Kurt Schlichter Cheer President’s Historic Run — And Destroy Horrible Joe Biden

It’s been an incredible week for President Trump and it’s not over yet.  Tonight the President gets a chance to share his story after three nights of Americans showing why they are voting for President Trump in November.

Here are some overall observations from the week so far:

1. As Dinesh D’Souza explains in the video below – the Democrats must be freaking out because the Republican Party is now Trump’s party and he is destroying their narrative in a really entertaining and informative convention.

D’Souza talks about how this week pro-life is not hidden, it is out front with speakers from anti Planned Parenthood and even Coach Lou Holtz standing for the unborn.

The week also attacks the idea that President Trump is not for immigration.  The President holds a swearing in ceremony in the White House and the left’s lies disappear into thin air.  President Trump isn’t against immigration, he’s against illegal immigration.

Thirdly, President Trump and Republicans are appealing to minorities and the black vote.

2. Townhall’s Kurt Schlichter lists 5 reasons Trump is going to trounce Biden this year:

First, Joe Biden is Joe Biden and he is the wrong man at the wrong time.  American’s hate the status quo and Biden represents the status quo.

Second, there is no market for communists outside of academia and Democrat cities.  Americans are against this.

Third, minorities are waking up to the racist Democrat Party.  If Trump steals even 5% more of the black vote, Democrats are destroyed.

(Unfortunately for Democrats another report shows that one third of all California Latinos are for President Trump.)

Fourth, President Trump has done a great job and has done what he promised.

Fifth, nobody knows anybody who voted for Trump who is now voting for Biden.  Nobody.

3. The economy is on fire again. 

Yesterday the markets again reached all-time highs for the S&P and the Nasdaq.  As we reported yesterday, based on the markets closing values, President Trump has an 87% chance of winning in November.

It’s now time for the Democrats to begin panicking.  They created BLM, riots and infringement of rights using the China coronavirus.  They partake in actions that hurt the economy rather than help it.  They take sports and schools away from hard working Americans while guaranteeing if they win, they’ll tax average Americans to death.  They support anarchy and communism and by doing show they hate the USA. 

Sleepy Joe Biden and his America hating policies don’t seem so good right now do they Democrats?

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