ABC, CBS, NBC Nightly News Shows Completely Ignore Dep Atty Gen Admitting Obama FBI Director Went ‘Rogue’ With Bogus Flynn Interview

So much for “the news.”

The three mainstream TV networks — ABC, CBS, and NBC — completely skipped coverage of the bombshell dropped by former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates on Wednesday during her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Yates said in the hearing that then-FBI Director James Comey went “rogue” when probing the incoming national security adviser Michael Flynn in January 2017.

“Instead of reporting on Yates’s shocking testimony, all three networks boasted how former Vice President Joe Biden decided to give his convention speech from the safety of his basement in Delaware,” the Media Research Center (MRC) reported. “In stark contrast, Fox News Channel’s The Story and correspondent Gillian Turner weren’t afraid to inform viewers of what Yates said.”

“Chairman Lindsey Graham dove in headfirst, grilling Sally Yates about that now-infamous Oval Office meeting with President Obama and FBI Director James Comey on January 5, 2017,” Turner noted before playing this soundbite of Graham getting Yates to spill about Comey:

GRAHAM: Did Comey go rogue?

YATES: You could use that term, yes.

GRAHAM: Finally.

MRC news analyst Nicholas Fondacaro noted that ABC, NBC and CBS also “blacked out how Comey conceded the FBI had deceived the FISA courts with their warrant applications” during a 2019 interview with “FOX News Sunday” anchor Chris Wallace.

Of the omissions during the Yates testimony, Fondacaro said it is “another example of the broadcast networks covering up the degree of corruption in the Russia investigation.”



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