35-Year-Old Florida Roofer Struck by Lightning Listed as Coronavirus Fatality

A 35-year-old Florida roofer struck by lightning in late May was listed as a Coronavirus fatality.

An investigative report by Alachua Chronicle revealed several Covid-19 death certificates with multiple co-morbidities.

A 35-year-old male who was struck by lightning on May 28 and died from serious spinal cord and brain injuries on June 9 was listed as a Dade County death from Coronavirus:

“The decedent was working on the roof of a home in Middleburg on 5/28. It started to rain and the decedent and his coworkers stopped working. Bystanders in the neighborhood and the workers on the roof observed a flash of lighting and heard a loud explosion, and several workers were thrown off of the roof. Immediately following the lightning strike, a worker on the roof observed the decedent collapse, fall off of the roof, and land facedown on grass.”

“The decedent’s muscles were reported to be contracted and shaking and caused the decedent’s body to roll over onto his backside. It was also reported by the workers that the decedent’s eyeballs were rolled back into his skull. Bystanders in the neighborhood observed the decedent on the ground, called 911, and started CPR until EMS arrived on scene.”

When the decedent was taken to Orange Park Medical Center he was found to have spinal fractures with spinal transection, a skull base fracture and pulmonary contusions.

He was then transferred to UF Health Shands Hospital where he tested positive for Covid-19.

The list of the man’s injuries was extensive according to Alachua Chronicle:

In addition to acute hypoxic respiratory failure and neurogenic shock, he was found to have a subarachnoid hemorrhage, bilateral pulmonary contusions, C3 & C7 spinous process fractures, complete T4 spinal cord transection, a skull base fracture. Trauma surgery, neurosurgery, and neurocritical care continued to follow the decedent and the decedent’s condition did not improve. Examinations were consistent with severe hypoxic brain injury and his prognosis was poor. The decedent’s family elected to transition to full comfort measures on 6/9 and he was pronounced dead on 6/9.”

No wonder many Americans don’t believe the Coronavirus numbers being reported by the media!

According to the Palm Beach County investigation, only 27% of their fatalities listed Covid-19 as the only cause!

There is a MAJOR difference between dying FROM Covid-19 and dying WITH Covid-19 but the CDC and media are lumping both together to inflate the number of Covid deaths.

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