WATCH: Dallas Police Chief Responds To Critics Who Attacked Her For Arresting 674 Protestors (VIDEO)

Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall responds to those who criticized her for arresting 647 protestors who were blocking a highway in the city.

Hall’s first statement, “So I want to start by saying that what we are seeing across this country and our nation, our entire world, is hurt and pain from the death of Mr. George Floyd. We continue to see that. We continue to feel that as a police department and we continue to pledge to work in our communities here in Dallas to continue to make Dallas safe and a city that has equity for everyone.”

Hall continued, “Building partnerships with our police department and our community is our primary focus outside of safety. The purpose of this briefing is basically to give you an overview. Excuse me, give you an overview of the peaceful protests that happened last night.”

Further into her response Hall states, “Let me be clear. I am not here to make people happy. My job and our job in law enforcement is to keep this city safe.”

Police Chief Renee Hall made the call, “Our decision last night was to arrest those individuals, but after collaboration, we made the decision, I made the decision to identify each and every one of them, file at-large charges and release them.”

Click below to watch her full statement!

Over 600 protesters were arrested by the Dallas Police.


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