WATCH: Comedian Puts Out Hilarious Video Illustrating Similarities Between Racists And ‘Woke’ Liberals

Sometimes it takes a Canadian to gain insight into America.

Enter Ryan Long, a comedian from Toronto who lives and works in New York City.

Long is the creator of the hit digital series ‘Torontopia” on CBC Comedy, in which he also stars. And he’s bringing his comedic insight smack dab into the middle of the race war now raging in America.

In a skit that runs just 1:45, a pair of buds are having a discussion. One guy wears a shirt that says “WOKE,” the other a shirt that says “RACIST.”

You’d be amazed at how much a like the two guys sound.

“When me and Brad first met I didn’t think we’d get along,” RACIST says about WOKE, “but turns out we kinda’ agree on everything.”

Then the two say simultaneously: “Your racial identity is the most important thing. “Everything should be looked at through the lens of race.”

“We both think minorities are a united group that think the same and act the same,” RACIST says. “And vote the same,” WOKE says.

Then the two again say the same thing again: “I just think we should roll back discrimination laws so we can hire based on race again.”

Watch the full sketch below, which already has more than 300,000 views.


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