WATCH: College Student Punished Over Instagram Posts Supporting Second Amendment And Officer David Dorn Speaks Out (VIDEO)

Fordham University senior Austin Tong was suspended after he posted a photo on Instagram of himself holding a legally purchased firearm.

His post was commemorating the victims of the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

Tong also posted a photo of retired police officer David Dorn, who was killed during the George Floyd Riots in St. Louis.

Tong stated during an interview with The Scoop, “I posted two Instagram posts, one of which was to David Dorn, the officer who died. And out of my emotion, which I was very mad that he was killed and nobody cared about him. Nobody cares about him. And the next day just so happens to be the anniversary of a Chinese democracy movement. And I posted on the day, I posted myself in my backyard, okay in my backyard with my legally owned rifle.”

School officials claimed that his two photos were in violation of ‘Regulations relating to bias and/or hate crimes’ and ‘threats/intimidation’. Tong was banned from stepping foot on campus and issued orders to attend ‘diversity training’.

Austin Tong has launched a GoFundMe to raise funds to cover legal costs for his lawsuit against Fordham University. As of the time of this writing, Tong has raised $3,678.

Click below to watch his full story: