VIDEO: Terrorist Arrested For Attacking Federal Officer With A Hammer In Portland

Another day, another instance of a violent domestic terrorist wreaking havoc on Portland. This time a “peaceful protester” was arrested for trying for using a large hammer to whack federal officers at the Hatfield Federal Courthouse during the 31540893794031342th consecutive night of “protests.”

The incident was caught on video. You can see the terrorist lying in wait, ready for one of the feds to come through the door so he could wallop him. Also note the other terrorist who attempts to use their body to barricade the door to stop the officers from coming out.

The perpetrator has not been identified yet. Since they are facing federal charges, they are likely not going to get off easy like most of the county and state charged rioters, many of whom have had their charges dropped.

As it turns out, President Trump personally directed the Department Of Homeland Security to take action in Portland, as the mayor has ceded the city to the terrorists. Willamette Week reports:

President Donald Trump today congratulated the head of the Department of Homeland Security for quelling protests against police violence in Portland. Trump confirmed reports that he sent federal officers to crack down on property destruction at the federal courthouse, because “the locals couldn’t handle it.”

The president brought up Portland at a meeting of military commanders in Doral, Fla., to discuss drug trafficking. His remarks were posted by the White House and reported this afternoon by Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Trump deployed Homeland Security officers to Portland on July 2, as part of an executive order to protect national monuments. Homeland Security, which typically focuses on securing the border and preventing terrorist attacks, has monitored left-wing protests in Portland since at least 2017.

The president implied Portland police were hamstrung by the city’s liberal elected officials from stopping property destruction. “Local law enforcement has been told not to do too much,” Trump said. “It’s not the way it’s supposed to be, but that’s OK.”

He described Portland’s protesters as “a pretty wild group.”

The transcript of the conversation between Trump and Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf reads:

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much, Admiral. I appreciate it.

Now, Chad Wolf, maybe you could also mention what’s going on in Portland, because we sent you there recently. It was out of control. The locals couldn’t handle it, and you people are handling it very nicely — so nicely that the press doesn’t want to write about it. But why don’t you tell them what you’re doing in Portland, and also go into this, please?

ACTING SECRETARY WOLF: Well, thank you, Mr. President. I think what we see in Portland is really a smaller example of what we see around the country regarding some of the civil unrest and the attacks on law enforcement. And what you find in Portland is about five and a half weeks of continued violence against the federal courthouse there that the Department of Homeland Security protects.

We’ve had to send in additional individuals. We’re making arrests. But there has been violence, there’s been assaults on federal law enforcement officers. And it really just shouldn’t occur. We should have more support of the local police there. But again, the Department of Homeland Security, along with the DOJ, FBI, and others are surging resources, and we’re starting to make a difference there.

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah. How many have you arrested?

ACTING SECRETARY WOLF: I believe it’s been close to a dozen thus far. And DOJ has charged almost as many as well.

THE PRESIDENT: And I know you have it in very good control, but it’s a — it’s a pretty wild group, but you have it in very good control.


THE PRESIDENT: So we’re appreciate it. Local law enforcement has been told not to do too much. It’s not the way it’s supposed to be, but that’s okay.

Good job. You’ve really done a great job.



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