The Trump-Russia Collusion Scandal Proves the Mainstream Media Doesn’t Care About the Truth, Ignores It, Reports Lies, Then Labels Credible Sources ‘Fake News’

The mainstream media doesn’t care about the truth – they only care about promoting liberal lies and lunacy in order to place and keep liberals in power.  The Trump-Russia collusion scandal is just another excellent example of this.

The MSM clearly doesn’t care about the truth.  The major media outlets are constantly pushing lies and liberal gaarbage to further the power of those opposed to America and the American way of life.  The Trump – Russia collusion scandal is a case in point.

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley made this point over the weekend in an oped at The Hill entitled:  More willful blindness by the media on spying by Obama administration.

Turley writes:

The Washington press corps seems engaged in a collective demonstration of the legal concept of willful blindness, or deliberately ignoring the facts, following the release of yet another declassified document which directly refutes prior statements about the investigation into Russia collusion. The document shows that FBI officials used a national security briefing of then candidate Donald Trump and his top aides to gather possible evidence for Crossfire Hurricane, its code name for the Russia investigation.

It is astonishing that the media refuses to see what is one of the biggest stories in decades. The Obama administration targeted the campaign of the opposing party based on false evidence. The media covered Obama administration officials ridiculing the suggestions of spying on the Trump campaign and of improper conduct with the Russia investigation. When Attorney General William Barr told the Senate last year that he believed spying did occur, he was lambasted in the media, including by James Comey and others involved in that investigation. The mocking “wow” response of the fired FBI director received extensive coverage.

Turley goes on to outline the following five points:

First, the Russia collusion allegations were based in large  part on the dossier funded by the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee….

Second, FBI agents had warned that dossier author Christopher Steele may have been used by Russian intelligence to plant false information to disrupt the election….

Third, the Obama administration had been told that the basis for the FISA application was dubious and likely false….

Fourth, the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller and inspectors general found no evidence of collusion or knowing contact between the Trump campaign and Russian officials….

Finally, Obama and Biden were aware of the investigation, as were the administration officials who publicly ridiculed Trump when he said there was spying on his campaign….

Turley then sums it all up:

Willful blindness has its advantages. The media covered the original leak and the collusion narrative, despite mounting evidence that it was false. They filled hours of cable news shows and pages of print with a collusion story discredited by the FBI. Virtually none of these journalists or experts have acknowledged that the collusion leaks were proven false, let alone pursue the troubling implications of national security powers being used to target the political opponents of an administration. But in Washington, success often depends not on what you see but what you can unsee.

Turley is not alone, in an article by Charles Lipsom, the Peter B. Ritzma Professor of Political Science Emeritus at the University of Chicago, where he founded the Program on International Politics, Economics, and Security, similar concerns are raised:

You would expect major news outlets to work hard covering stories like this and exposing the government’s dark secrets. That’s what they did during Watergate. Not today. The reason is simple and obvious. The country’s top news outlets have become nakedly partisan. Proudly so. They pursue a “higher calling,” as Comey has modestly said of himself. In the process, media have moved further and further from neutral, hard-news reporting, without ever saying so plainly. When transparency about a particular issue advances their political goals, they report it. When it might help, they investigate. When it hurts, they ignore it or worse.

No thanks to them, we are finally learning the breadth and scale of malfeasance at the FBI, the Department of Justice, and the CIA during the Obama administration’s final years. We are likely to learn about similar problems on the Mueller team. Attorney General Barr has gradually declassified and released key documents. Ric Grenell did the same thing during his brief, consequential tenure as acting director of national intelligence.

The media made no effort to pry out the documents. And now that the documents have been released, they aren’t saying much about them. The media’s silence represents a fundamental failure of modern journalism. They congratulate themselves and hand each other Pulitzer Prizes for “deeply sourced reporting” on the flimsy collusion story and ignore its utter collapse. It’s not surprising the public no longer trusts them. Although they’ve earned that mistrust, it’s still bad for our democracy when the Fourth Estate is unable to do its job well.

It’s even worse than Dr. Lipsom and Attorney Turley indicate.  Not only is the MSM lacking in their efforts to share the truth about the corrupt Obama Administration, but those who do report the truth regarding the Trump – Russia collusion scandal are criticized by the MSM and targeted by liberal fact-checkers as ‘fake news’.

For years the Gateway Pundit (TGP) has done its utmost to share the truth and facts surrounding political activities in the US and the world.  But this is a major sin to so-called “fact checkers” and the MSM.  While they congratulate each other for receiving awards related to fake stories like the Trump – Russia collusion fairy tale, they lambaste TGP and target our efforts to share the truth.  We are censored on social media and classified as fake news by their left leaning “fact checkers.” despite an impeccable record that would embarrass any national liberal outlet.

There’s a reason why our traffic grows year over year despite the constant censorship and attacks.   And there’s a reason why many elite media outlets are laying off writers.
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