Right-Wing Artist Unfurls MASSIVE Banner of Bill de Blasio Holding Lady Liberty’s Severed Head Over Staten Island Expressway

Right-wing artist and activist Scott LoBaido has unfurled a massive banner of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio holding Lady Liberty’s severed head over the Staten Island Expressway.

The giant banner is 20′ by 30′, or roughly the size of a large two car garage, and features de Blasio happily holding the bleeding head while rocking a Che Guevara shirt.

“Go big or go home!” LoBaido wrote on Facebook.

The New York Post reports that “while cops asked LoBaido to take the print down about an hour and a half after it went up, the controversial artist said he’s got plans to hang it elsewhere in the city in the future.”

This wasn’t the first art LoBaido blessed Staten Island with this week.

The day before he dropped the banner, he also painted a thin blue line in the street outside the 122nd Precinct stationhouse in New Dorp where he recently held a rally.

Unfortunately, his work was defaced by a Black Lives Matter activist within minutes. The vandal was chased off by an angry bystander.

SILive reports that LoBaido completed the line without a permit explaining that Mayor Bill de Blasio didn’t get a permit to paint Black Lives Matter on the streets of New York.

“The mayor never got a permit to do that street art, so I guess it’s fair game,” he added.


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