Rapper Snoop Dogg Calls Black Conservatives ‘The Coon Bunch’

If you’re black and conservative, then Snoop Dogg hates you.

The rapper, whose real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., over the weekend blasted black conservatives, such as Candace Owens, Herman Cain, and Diamond & Silk, calling them “The Coon Bunch.”

Referencing “The Brady Bunch” in an Instagram post, Broadus shared photos of black conservatives.


But Broadus got schooled by some black conservatives.

“Puppet of white liberals [Snoop Dogg] who used to love Trump before he was ordered to denounce him by his masters, is being SCHOOLED by black conservatives on IG after he posted this meme calling blk Trump supporters ‘coons,'” black conservative Melissa Tate wrote on Twitter, including a picture of Broadus with President Trump.


“If I’m a Coon @SnoopDogg what’s this?!” wrote Angela Stanton King, who was targeted in Broadus’s post.


Some of his “fans” weren’t too pleased, either.

“49 million followers and you don’t even have half of your fans that agree with you. You have created a divide even deeper. You had no problem chilling with Trump when it benefited you right?! All you’re doing by this post is making people love all those you are speaking of even more!” posted one person on Instagram.

“All I see are amazing Americans. Such a shame they have to be named called for not agreeing with someone political opinion. Not cool Snoop,” wrote another.

Wrote as third: “If I WASN’T voting, I am now. Thanks Snoop!!! Silent majority is tired of your racist sh*t!”
Broadus, who from the pictures was clearly friendly with Trump, has become a TDS sufferer. In a 2017 rap video “BadBadNotGood,” Broadus depicted Trump as a clown smoking a joint, and he ends up pointing a gun at his head. When he shoots the gun, a flash fires at Trump’s head and a ‘BANG’ flag pops out.

In 2019, Broadus said of Trump: “Don’t vote for that n*gger. Please don’t. Look what he do, he just don’t give a f*ck…”

“So f*ck him, too. And f*ck everybody down with Donald Trump … n*gger, f*ck him.”


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