President Trump Says He May Send “More Federal Law Enforcement” to New York, Chicago and Other Cities to Quell the Riots (VIDEO)

President Trump said on Monday he may send “more federal law enforcement” to New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia and other cities to deal with the riots.

“The fact is they’re restricted from doing anything,” President Trump said referring to the NYPD. “I’m gonna do something, I tell you.”

President Trump slammed the cities run by liberal Democrats allowing anarchists to riot non-stop.

“In Portland they’ve done a fantastic job,” said Trump of the DHS agents.


According to the Chicago Tribune, the DHS is planning on deploying 150 agents in Chicago this week.

The Democrat-media complex exploded last week after DHS agents moved in to quell non-stop weeks of rioting in Portland, Oregon.

Like clockwork, the Democrats and their stenographers in the media called the DHS agents “stormtroopers” and compared them to the Nazi Gestapo.

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