Person in SUV Hops Curb Attempting to Mow Down ‘Defend the Police’ Protesters

A person in an SUV hopped over a curb and attempted to run over peaceful protesters holding a “Defend the Police” rally in Colorado on Saturday.

The rally, organized by the Northern Colorado Young Republicans, was in the grass and away from the street when the driver of a red SUV attempted to hit them.

“My constituents were peacefully voicing their support for police when a SUV drove through the crowd, nearly hitting them. All Americans should be able to exercise their #1A rights, free of violence,” Congressman Ken Buck tweeted. “The person responsible must be brought to justice.”

Thankfully, nobody was injured during the incident.

“Despite cloudy skies and warm temperatures, more than 100 people gathered at Benjamin Eaton Memorial Park and Eaton Town Square Park, lining the sidewalks of Collins and Maple streets, waving flags and cheering their support for law enforcement as traffic drove by,” the Greeley Tribune reports.

The suspect attempted to flee the scene with Eaton Police officers pursuing them. The police were able to stop and arrest him after a short chase.

“According to rally participants, the same suspect made their way east along the street prior to the incident, flipping off the crowd,” the Tribune report states.


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