PBS Reporter Yamiche Alcindor Trashes America over President Trump’s Mount Rushmore Fourth of July Celebration

Appearing on MSNBC Friday night, PBS NewsHour White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor trashed America in comments about President Trump’s appearance at Mount Rushmore last night for a Fourth of July celebration. Alcindor was so wound up spewing her contempt for America, Trump and his supporters that she frequently stumbled over her words trying get it all out in minute long stream of consciousness rants.

Yamiche Alcindor: “I think what we’re seeing is a president who’s determined to fly in the face of uh, the experts and his own health officials, environmental experts, as well as people who are saying that, that there’s really this myth of America, that this idea that America treated people well, that they treated men and women equally, that, that we founded this country just by our own wits. That that is actually a lie and that in fact what we are seeing is a, uh, celebration of America’s independence on land that was stolen from Native Americans and it’s overloo…, and it’s being seen and overlooked by two presidents, um, their figures, rather, that owned slaves and a third president, Roosevelt, who, who talked about ‘going westward’ and who oversaw the desecration of native land.”

“So what you see is President Trump really saying, ‘You know what, I know all of you think that we’re in the middle of a pandemic and that I shouldn’t be doing this but I’m gonna show you.’ And this is a big political risk on his part because we are of course in the middle of a pandemic. We’re hitting record highs everyday. And the President, according to reporters who are there, he, the event that he’s, that he’s at, um, people are sitting shoulder to shoulder there’s no attempt of social distancing and the vast majority of people sitting there right now are not wearing masks.”

“…I mean that’s why you saw so many people in this country, especially people of color, look really, really disturbed when the President, and then-candidate Trump, started saying ‘Make America great again’. Because, uh, of course the quick question was, ‘Well what part of America and what period are you talking about? Is it when African-Americans were enslaved? Is it when women couldn’t vote? Is it when Native American people were, were literally run off their lands?’

“Um, the, the people that I talk to, voters and experts, they all believe that President Trump is doing exactly what (apologies, could not get names right) say he that he’s doing: Which is that he’s sitting somewhere in history between George Wallace and Ronald Reagan, and the, the, he’s really fitting in this, this history that is in some ways a Republican history about the idea that they’re re, really looking at white resentment and giving people who are worried about the future of America but who are also angry at the idea of America browning and giving them a place to say, ‘You know what, you are the victim, this country owes you more’, instead of looking toward the future and saying actually, ‘Let’s have an America where we’re not believing in this myth. Let’s have an America where people do understand the history of America.’

“President Trump is saying, ‘I want to be on the side of the myth of America. I also want to be on the side of the myth of the fact that the pandemic is over’, when we know for a fact that both of those things just simply are not true.”

Transcript by TGP.

Video clips posted to Twitter by Newsbusters’ Chuck Houck sof Alcindor speaking on the Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell guest host Ari Melber:

Thursday night on PBS, Alcindor played a clip of fellow MSNBC contributor Eddie Glaude who smeared Republicans as racists while comparing President Trump to former President Reagan and former Alabama Governor Wallace, but failed to note that the notorious segregationist Wallace was a Democrat.

Excerpt via Newsbusters:

YAMICHE ALCINDOR: Glaude says the bigger picture is that Trump is using race to stoke fear like many Republican leaders before him.

EDDIE GLAUDE, MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR: I think the idea of appealing to white resentment and white fears, drawing on a particular understanding of America as fundamentally white, that that language has been a part of Republican strategy since I remember remembering, right? It’s been a part of my political reality ever since I became aware of American politics. So he sits somewhere on the spectrum between Ronald Reagan and George Wallace.

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