A New Low. Snopes Uses Local Crips Member and Islamist Fanatic in Defamatory Hit Piece Against Gateway Pundit and St. Louis Catholics

To the thousands of conservatives who are out there and brave enough to raise your voice against the modern day left, please know that you are not alone and that we salute you.

Last Wednesday The Gateway Pundit called for a prayer rally at the statue of St. Louis in Forest Park.

This was in response to recent efforts by local radicals and Islamist activist Umar Lee to remove the St. Louis statue in Forest Park.

After our announcement several local leftists including St. Louis City Treasurer Tishaura Jones smeared our planned Catholic and Christian prayer rally.

St. Louis Treasurer Tishaura Jones called the prayer rally an “alt-right/KKK event.”

Umar Lee wrote that he would hold a counter rally to “stop hate and racism at Forest Park.”

In his announcement posted on Twitter — that was later deleted — Umar Lee accused a planned PRAYER RALLY of being a “group of White Nationalists and Trump Supporters… to defend the statue of the anti-Semitic Crusader King Louis IX.”

Umar Lee then added that those who “signed up to attend” were “are those on the alt-right such as those who held the infamous and tragic rally in Charlottesville.

This was completely fraudulent since there was no sign up list and The Gateway Pundit had nothing to do with Charlottesville — at all!

When we arrived for a prayer rally at the St. Louis statue in Forest Park we were met by a very violent, raucous, disrespectful mob of Black Lives Matter activists and leftist radicals.

Let me just say this was one of the most frightening gatherings I’ve ever attended as a writer and conservative activist in 16 years.
We posted this video earlier this week following the rally.

After the prayer service I immediately left the area with those I came with and was swarmed by screaming leftists all the way to our car. We were then blocked in the parking lot for over 10 minutes.

After most of the Catholics and Christians left the area three Catholic men were viciously beaten by the far left group that remained at the statue.

* * * * * * * * * *

On Thursday night Snopes.com ran a hit piece on The Gateway Pundit and on our prayer rally.
I am going to go through this hit piece today on Gateway Pundit to expose their many lies.

Were Catholics Attacked by Black Lives Matter Protesters in St. Louis?

To begin with Snopes claimed “a few violent confrontations erupted — as protesters clashed.”

FALSE: Their first line is a lie. There were no clashes between groups. Every single beating was done by the BLM-antifa mob at the statue.

Snopes says “no serious injuries occurred.” —

FALSE: Two Catholic men went to the hospital. One man was knocked out by the mob and then kicked in the head. Another man had a concussion.

Snopes then claims the “Catholics” were not really Catholics but were “partly comprised of individuals who align themselves with hate groups (such as the Proud Boys) and other white nationalist ideologies.”

FALSE: The three men we spoke with this week are ALL Catholic. At least two of the victims have attended numerous rosaries at the statue in the past two weeks.

Snopes then attacks The Gateway Pundit for calling for a Catholic and Christian prayer rally at the statue. Snopes– “this prayer event was organized by the proprietor of a far-right conspiracy website. While there were certainly Catholics who attended this event in good faith, describing this entire group only as “Catholics” omits some very important and relevant details about who exactly was involved in these altercations.”

FALSE: This was ONLY a prayer rally. For Snopes to infer that this was some kind of right-wing political rally is outrageous and excuses the horrible violence by the far left activists.

For the record: The Gateway Pundit does not call for rallies so that there will be beatings and violence!! This is a complete lie.

Snopes then claims Umar Lee is a “Muslim activist and writer” but deletes any mention of his radical Islamist past.

Snopes then attacks The Gateway Pundit:

Their description of our prayer rally impugns our motives. This is disgraceful.

Snopes then unloads on The Gateway Pundit as a a far-right website that traffics in conspiracy theories and misinformation. The website has been connected to “crisis actor” smears against environmental activists, they spread a “Me Too” hoax aimed at discrediting Robert Mueller, the special counsel overseeing an investigation into allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and they’ve published inflammatory, misleading, and flat out false content related to mass shootings.

FALSE: The Gateway Pundit is one of the top 5 conservative websites in the country. The Gateway Pundit has over a million readers a day. The Gateway Pundit has published over 91,000 articles in 16 years. The Gateway Pundit has been 100% correct in all of reporting on major stories. To take eight stories and claim we are a conspiracy website is defamatory and a lie. And To claim The Gateway Pundit used the term “crisis actors” is another lie.

Snopes then posts Umar Lee’s call for a counter rally against a prayer rally!!

Snopes knows the language in Umar Lee’s statement is defamatory.

FALSE: We only called men to pray — Umar Lee smeared Christians and then said we were linked to Charlottesville. Another complete lie.

Snopes then admits priests were at the prayer rally.

TRUE: At least five Catholic priests were at the prayer rally. And to be clear I did not have contact with any of these fine priests before the rally.

Snopes then reported that “members of the proud boys” were in attendance.

PARTLY FALSE: We had no idea members of the proud boys were attending the event. And from video you can see these men were clearly saying the rosary. The two men they identified did not cause any commotion or violence. None.  Snopes says 5 members of the proud boys were there.  Not true.  The Proud Boys are NOT a criminal organization.

Snopes said members of the “white nationalist- linked Invaders Motorcycle Club were there.

Partly True: Never heard of them. They did not cause any violence. Did not even know they were there.

Snopes then inaccurately described the violence against the Catholic men.

FALSE: There were at least three men beaten. One Catholic man (Paul in the green shirt) was knocked out and kicked in the head. (Local St. Louis media omitted this!) Paul was first attacked by a leftist throwing some kind of pink liquid at him and then was quickly knocked out when he went after the leftist. The leftist mob was cheering when Paul was knocked out.

Paul brandished a knife after he came to and started walking to his car. Paul went to the hospital and on Thursday Paul told The Gateway Pundit that his jaw was still sore.

Snopes then uses the words of a local St. Louis crips activist Terrance Page defending the violent assault.

Terrence Page was involved in three assaults that day.
He has a long history of bragging about being a Crip gang member.

FALSE: Terrence Page called the Catholics “part of a terrorist group” that had to be dealt with.
Terrence is a Crip.

Snopes then claims a second man name Walker Moore was attacked.
Snopes claims this was the only other attack that day.

FALSE: The second man who was attacked was Conor Martin. He was attacked by Crip Terrence Page after he came to the defense of another Catholic man who was physically assaulted by Terrance Page and his pals. Conor Martin suffered a concussion. The other Catholic man was beaten with a stick on the ground.

We have the video saved of Conor attacked and beaten by the leftist mob at the St. Louis Statue.

For the record — we have no idea who Walker More is.

Snopes then ends their hit piece on The Gateway Pundit and St. Louis Catholics by posting the words of Umar Lee justifying the unprovoked beatings.

FALSE: Holding a prayer rally is not an excuse for physical assault. And Jim Hoft is not a white nationalist.

Snopes then threw in a photo of a priest from a different event.

In conclusion: Snopes posted a defamatory hit piece against The Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft and the St. Louis Catholic community.
This was a complete biased hit piece based on little facts.
On Friday morning we contacted our attorneys and we will be taking action in the coming days.
Stay tuned.
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