Nancy Pelosi Calls Federal Agents “Stormtroopers” in Reference to Nazis after They Are Sent to Portland Following 49 Days of Leftist Rioting and Mass Destruction

For over 40 days leftists, Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists have destroyed downtown Portland in nightly rioting and raids.

As reported earlier — Portland has been protesting literally every night since late May. Many of these protests devolve into unlawful assemblies as violent leftists start to throw rocks and other debris at police, and it’s not uncommon for the police to declare these riots.

But Mayor Ted Wheeler, Governor Kate Brown, and the Portland police command staff seemingly let the rioters take the city, as police are told to stand down and not impede the mob as businesses are destroyed and looted, fires are started in the streets, random bystanders are assaulted, and government buildings are vandalized and set on fire.

However, once the Black Lives Matter mob set their sites on the Hatfield Federal Courthouse, they opened up a new front. After the building was hit with all sorts of graffiti, windows were smashed, and fireworks were shot inside, federal agents and officers then got involved. These are evidently a mixture of Federal Protective Services officers, Customs and Border Protection, US Marshals, and other federal agents.

Since the rioters aren’t dealing with the weak kneed city and county leaders on federal property, US District Attorney Billy Williams is pursuing charges against several of the terrorists, and the feds have been making several arrests over the last week or so.

The leftist protesters have ABSOLUTELY destroyed the Portland downtown district.

The protesters even beat local police with hammers.

But after federal agents were sent in to restore law and order and protect federal property the left has lost its mind.

On Saturday Speaker Nancy Pelosi referred to the federal agents as Nazi stormtroopers.

They are there to restore peace and Pelosi compares them to Nazis.

This is a disgusting new low even for Nancy Pelosi.

Democrats are siding with the rioters who are destroying this country.
And now they’re comparing federal agents to Nazis.

This from the Democrat Party leader.

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