Muslim Democrat Political Candidate in Illinois – Endorsed by Hillary Clinton – Says She’s Been Watching Video of Assault of Federal Officer on Repeat, Laughing Non-Stop

A federal officer Saturday night was hit in the face with a projectile by a Portland rioter.

Far-left accounts and Antifa have been celebrating the video of the assault.


Muslim Democrat candidate for Dupage County Board (District 4), Hadiya Afzal joined in with Antifa terrorists in celebrating the video.

Afzal said she’s been watching the video of the assault on the federal officer on repeat and laughing non-stop.

Hadiya Afzal was endorsed by Hillary Clinton.

Hadiya Afzal panicked and locked her Twitter account.

After getting called out by conservatives for condoning violence and laughing at a federal officer being attacked by a terrorist, Hadiya Afzal played the victim in a Facebook post.

Hadiya Afzal claimed she was a victim of a “bad-faith smear campaign” launched against her by a ‘prominent right-wing journalist’ (Andy Ngo).

She claimed her despicable comment was ‘taken out of context.’

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