‘LET THE WHITE MAN DO IT’: Debate Breaks Out at Portland Riot Over Which Race Should Assault ‘Homophobic’ Man

A bizarre and violent incident at the Portland riot on Saturday night highlighted the absolute absurdity of the racial politics within their own movement.

During the riot, a man who goes by the name “Princess” was punched by a fellow Black Lives Matter supporter, allegedly for being gay. Both of the men were black.

The man had been homophobic, they said, and that was “problematic.”

Rioters mobbed the man and surrounded him, until a debate broke out amongst themselves over which race should be the one to assault him. Some seemed to think a black man should be the one to do it, since the man they wanted hit was black and a white man hitting him would be inappropriate. Others have been pushing the idea that white people should be used to commit crimes and violence, so that black people are not the ones arrested. This has seemed to be a fairly common theme of disagreements among the leftist militants in general.

A woman stood in front of the man, seemingly attempting to prevent further violence, but a black woman could be heard and seen shouting “let the white man do it,” over and over.

The white man obliged and punched the man in the face.


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