Larry C. Johnson: Start Spreading the News, New York City’s Death Rattle

Guest post by Larry C. Johnson

When the history of New York City’s collapse is written, the star protagonists and executioners are two Italians–Cuomo and DeBlasio. The bulk of the blame is on the failed Marxist, Bill DeBlasio, who has led the charge in eliminating bail requirements for criminals and opened the city to legions of homeless. As result, the city is descending into a grim version of hell not even envisioned by a genuine Italian luminary, Dante Alighieri. .

It is not just the trash. The city is becoming more dangerous by day. Anyone arrested for theft or assault is not going to spend anytime in jail. Laws signed by the idiot Governor Cuomo ensures that no one arrested must post bail before being sprung from the hoosegow. The result should not surprise any sentient being with half a brain–the City is being transformed into a free fire zone.

The bureaucratic and administration castration of the police is the icing on the top of this pile of festering feces. The men and women in blue who dare walk the streets and try to patrol or enforce order now realize they are on their own. They are Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves except the Indians are hostile and vicious. New York’s finest are not  stupid. The realize there is no upside to going to the streets and trying to impose an order that is resisted by the political powers that are supposed to back them. At this point, human nature takes over and the police back away and do nothing.

Welcome to the jungle. The strongest, the best armed , the most vicious survive. The weak and the meek will not inherit this earth. Jesus lied. The meek will be robbed and raped.
So what tourist in their right mind will want to visit this dystopian apocalypse of liberal delusions? Not many. The tourist dollars already are scant to non-existent because of the Covid lockdown. But lifting restrictions is not going to be accompanied by a flood of eager visitors. Why visit? Restaurant space is more limited than before. The streets are dangerous and filthy. Hell, shows on Broadway are a thing of the past. You cannot sustain that kind of entertainment with only 50% capacity.

This is not a return to the chaos of the seventies. Those will appear to be the good old days. DeBlasio and Cuomo have cut the very soul out of New York’s denizens. Gone are the incorrigible iconoclasts who spit in the eye of authority. Instead, the concrete towers in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn are filled with meek souls cowering in their substandard closets that pass for apartments.

Who will be the first to record the new version of Frank Sinatra’s classic, New York, New York?

Start spreading the news,

I’m leaving today,

Won’t be a part of this,

New York, New York

These rioting buffoons,

Insist they will stay

Right in the very heart of it

New York, New York

I wanted to wake up in City that never sleeps,

But I’m a hostage now, its a trash heap.

These big city blues

are mounting each day

the Police have disappeared

In old New York

They can’t protect me there,

There are threats everywhere

I’m through with you, New York, New York

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