Larry C. Johnson: The Latest Hoax–Trump Sending Nazi Brownshirts to Democrat Cities (Video)

Guest post by Larry C. Johnson

The hatred of Donald Trump by the Democrats and some Republicans knows no boundaries. It is depraved and desperate at the same time. The latest attack on Donald Trump is pushing the meme that Trump is Hitler resurrected and is sending his “Nazi” storm troopers to cities such as Portland in order to terrorize women and children who are engaged in simple peaceful protest. The newest lie insists that Trump’s storm troopers are acting like Pinochet’s secret police and rounding up innocent people and shoving them into black vans. The implication is that these poor, humble souls are being disappeared just because they want to exercise their First Amendment rights.

What a load of festering excrement this is.

The first clue that this is a concocted lie is that it is being repeated vociferously by  the mainstream media outlets–you know, the NY Times, WashPost, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC.

But the claim appears to be based primarily on a video clip that has gone viral on social media. Watch it for yourself (the salient clip starts at 1:23):

Do you see the problems? Let me explain the strange elements that absolutely do not support the Storm Trooper meme.

First, the police in camo gear, in contrast to the claim they had no markings on their uniforms, do have tags on the front and back of their riot gear written clearly, POLICE.

Second, although the news reports claim the police did not identify themselves there is no audio on the tape to support that claim. Moreover, the black masked “protestor” does not demand that the officers identify themselves. He/she meekly complies.

Third, the two officers approach the “protestor” with no weapons drawn and do not order the suspect to the ground. Even more curious is the failure of the officers to handcuff the suspect. The police walk up, the protestor puts his/her hands behind his/her back and the officers grasp each arm. There is no struggle, no fighting, no force.

If these guys are Storm Troopers they apparently do not know what that term means. Where is the furious beatdown? Where is the screaming and yelling at the cowering victim?  These actions do not exist.

Why should the media try to report accurately? They have a clear track record of pushing lies on the America public that serves certain political agendas.  These same media outlets happily pushed the lies about non-existent WMDs in Iraq, Syria bombing rebels with Sarin and Trump Collaborating with Russia to get elected, I do not know on what basis any faith can be put into these reports of “Nazi Storm Trooper” or Nazi Brownshirt Tactics. The videos widely available on line show violent mobs not peaceful protestors .

But beyond that, what the hell is the issue being protested in Portland? Crappy weather? Last I checked the Portland Police and the Federal Government officials posted to Portland were not involved in anyway with the death of George Floyd. Facts do not appear to mean much to most of the media.

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