FOX News’ Tucker Carlson Sets Record for Largest Audience in Cable News History by Calling for Equal Justice Under the Law and Free Speech

FOX News cable television set a new record this past quarter.  The Tucker Carlson Show set the record for the largest cable news show audience during a single quarter in cable news history.  He did this by calling for equal justice under the law and for free speech. 

These are two issues the Democrats cannot claim and Republicans appear oblivious to.

Mike Cernovich tweeted last night the Tucker Carlson had the greatest quarter in cable news history this past quarter.

Tucker’s formula was simple – talk about and push for actions that promote equal justice under the law and free speech.  These are the major concerns of Americans.  President Trump did a great job making the economy stronger and the country is safer due to his actions in the Middle East.

Since the Obama years, it’s been clear to Americans that there are two systems of justice in the US.  There is the system that most Americans go by and then there is the Democrat establishment system.  Tucker has been clear in pointing this out almost nightly.  Roger Stone goes to prison based on a made up crime in a kangaroo court ran by the nation’s most corrupt Democrat judge, Amy Berman Jackson.

Tucker pointed this out on his show in February:

Tucker also knows what Republicans don’t seem to even care about – that in America we need free speech.  This means that when social media targets, blocks, terminates and deletes conservative accounts, they are preventing free speech.  The Mainstream Media (MSM) pushes lies and promotes corrupt politicians.

Tucker knows this and he reported on this a month ago:

Last night Tucker shared the following:

The host called on Republican voters to “demand three things from their candidates. And if they don’t provide them, don’t vote for them.

“First is vigorous defense of total equality under the law. We are equal because we are citizens. Every American has precisely the same rights as every other American. Period. That is the promise of America,” Carlson said. “It’s why millions of people move here for a long time … It was obvious, but it no longer is obvious. And there are many who are working in the opposite direction. Republicans must counterbalance this. They must work as hard as they can to make America fair again.”

Next Carlson discussed freedom of speech:

Carlson next called on Republicans to “defend our freedom of speech.”

“We are not a free society without that,” Carlson said. “This is not simply a debate about the First Amendment and its limits. It’s bigger than that and more important. If you can’t articulate something, if you’re not allowed, you can’t think. And that’s precisely why authoritarians try to control language. They’re trying to control your mind. Republicans should lead the fight against this without shame. Americans have the absolute right to tell the truth. This is not negotiable.

Finally, Carlson discussed the Republican Party:

Carlson’s final point was “we must never forget that in the end, the Republican Party exists to serve the interests of normal people.”

“Can Republican officeholders change their party?” Carlson asked. “Yes, they can. We just have to make them.”

One reader commented to us the following:

Not only did Tucker have one of the best takes on this of anyone on MSM earlier in June ( and ), on tonight’s episode he fully admitted that he was wrong earlier on when he bought into the fear porn (I don’t have a clip, but it was right at the very end, when he was handing over the show to Hannity for his show) — how often do you see someone do that?  He is indeed a national treasure.

Tucker isn’t always right but at least he admits it when he is wrong.  Something never seen on cable news.

In a time of BLM riots, unconstitutional Democrat actions, violence against conservatives and an anti-American attitude and fiery hate of President Trump in the press, Tucker Carlson is a voice of reason.

Congratulations to Tucker Carlson – well done!

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