Federal Judge’s Son Shot Dead and Her Defense Attorney Husband Critically Injured Just Days After Taking Jeffrey Epstein Financial Case

Judge Esther Salas

The 20-year-old son of US District Judge of New Jersey, Esther Salas, an Obama appointee, was shot dead Sunday night and her husband was critically injured by a gunman posing as a FedEx driver.

According to reports, Salas’s son Daniel Anderl opened the door when the the gunman, dressed as a FedEx driver, opened fire on their North Brunswick home Sunday evening around 5 PM.

The judge’s husband, Mark Anderl, 63, a criminal defense attorney was standing behind his son when he opened the door and is in critical condition in a hospital.

The Judge was reportedly in her basement at the time of the shooting and unharmed, according to law enforcement officials.

The Daily Mail reported:

The son of a federal judge has been shot dead and her husband critically wounded after they were attacked at their home by a gunman dressed as a FedEx driver.

The shooting came days after the judge was assigned a case with links to Jefferey Epstein, although there is not yet any suggestion that the attack is linked her work.

The attack began at around 5pm when Mark Anderl answered the front door to the family home. He was shot several times.

Daniel, a student at Catholic University in Washington, D.C., then went to investigate the commotion and was fatally shot.

The gunman then reportedly fled the scene.

Judge Salas was recently assigned to a case linked to Jeffrey Epstein.

On July 15, Salas was assigned to a civil bank fraud lawsuit against Deutsche Bank linked to Epstein, according to Bloomberg.

According to the Daily Mail, Judge Salas frequently claimed she was a target because of her job and told friends she had received threats.

At the time of this publication, authorities have not suggested Sunday night’s shooting was linked Judge Salas’s cases.

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