“F*** THE PEACEFUL PROTESTS” Shouts Angry BLM Leader At Portland Rally (VIDEO)

The emboldened terrorists are no longer hiding their true feelings. What used to be kept behind a PR friendly veil of “we don’t condone violence” is now out in the open. Not only are they openly saying they want to abolish the United States, but they are now calling for violent protests, shouting “F*** THE PEACEFUL PROTESTS!”

At the same rally where they called for abolishing the U.S.A., president of “non profit” Don’t Shoot Portland, Tai Carpenter, took to the microphone to go on her own deranged rant, and repeatedly condemned peaceful protesting, essentially saying her protests need to be violent. She explains that calling for peaceful protest is “an exercise in All Lives Matter bulls***!”

And oh yeah, that’s her mother, Teressa Raiford, standing behind her in the black jacket, cheering this speech on. Raiford founded Don’t Shoot PDX in 2014 and recently ran for mayor. Also cheering her on is pastor Mark Knutson, who has sponsored several gun control initiatives over the years. Knutson was also cheering on the person who wants to abolish the USA. The individual in the “Black Queen” shirt with the “I Can’t Breathe” mask is Danialle Inez James, the protester who was acquitted of crimes by a Multnomah county jury after she *allegedly* walloped a TV cameraman in the back with a pallet at the Occupy ICE protests in 2018.


This rally/press conference took place just outside of the Hatfield Federal Courthouse. You can see the vandalism that the mob has committed. That plywood wall in the background? That used to be a window, until the violent communists smashed it out.


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